Are sling backpacks bad for your back? Helpful Guide in 2022

Are sling bags bad for your back

Almost, every day we’re carrying some baggage on our backs. Students are carrying on hefty books and folders in their sling bags, while the others are lugging around heavyweights in their workbags, shoulder bags, backpacks, and purses, etc. All this results in back pain and we know how severe it is to bear.

Mostly, people wonder that is their sling backpacks bad for their back? Obviously, if you’ll overload it and wear it in the wrong way, it will cause problems to your back. Therefore, you need to be quite cautious while using your sling backpack.

How do sling bags affect your back?

As sling bags are carried on your one shoulder only, it causes muscle tightening of the shoulder and backaches. Therefore, shoulder bags followed by a cross-body bag are poor for your back especially, when overloaded with uneven distribution of weight.

 Mostly, kids carrying heavy sling backpacks suffer from disc compression in their backs, which results in severe pain. 

Your sling bag causes various complications to your back if handled improperly. Some of them are as follows

  • It’s found that heavyweights on your shoulder (shoulder bag), damages the tissues which cause microstructural damage to your nerves.
  • Wearing a bag on your one side, in the case of messenger bags, can also change your gait.
  • Sling bags cause a one-sided strain on your body.
  • It bends your spine which can lead to a hunched posture.

5 ways to overcome pains from sling backpacks

One can avoid the pains due to sling bags while using them. For this purpose, you have to follow some instructions before heading out the door with your cross-body bag.

1# Wear your sling backpack properly

You need to wear your sling bags properly in the right way. For this, you should know, how to wear a sling backpackLet yourself realize, which style of wearing the sling bag is most suitable for you to avoid pain. I think, carrying your messenger bag on your waist with suitable weight, would be perfect for you. 

2# Switch sides of your shoulder bag

While carrying your shoulder bag on one side, for a long time causes pain in your shoulders. To avoid this, practice switching the sides you use to carry. This will give relief to your shoulders. You can also carry it in your hand if your shoulders got tired.

3# Go for comfortable straps

While choosing your sling backpack, go for the one having comfortable straps. The straps should be enough broad and beefy in order to avoid pain.

4# Strive to carry less weight in your sling backpack

Sling bags are usually used to carry small weights but people misunderstand them. They overstuff it with useless things. Ideally, one should aim to carry a weight less than 10 percent of his body weight. So, try to manage the gear inside your sling bag. Avoid unnecessary stuffing of contents in your bag, be straightforward. This will help you remain healthy with no back pain issues. 

5# Use padded sling backpacks

Padded sling backpacks are flawless, for your back. You may have experienced, that when you carry the contents in your bag, they prick into you. At that time we wonder that it’s due to the sharp edges of your materials present in your sling bag i.e books or laptop, but this is not so. Instead, it’s due to the non-padded nature of your cross-body bag.

If you’ll go for a bag that has padded straps and a back panel, you can surely overcome the pricking of the items in your back. This will also last a comfortable effect on your back and your shoulder.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can cross-body bags cause neck pain?

If you’ll use a heavy cross-body bag without padding, it will put stress on the nerves of your neck and shoulders. This will lead to a tingling sensation in your, neck along with severe pain and muscle tightening. So try to wear it effectively to avoid this problem.

How tight should a sling bag be?

Your sling bag should perfectly fit your back. Keep in mind, that your sling shouldn’t cut into your hand or wrist. Rather, it should be around your neck and behind your elbow, in the diagonal position.

Messenger bags versus backpacks

While making the comparison between messenger bag and backpack, the backpack is the safest choice. Messenger bags hurt your back thus not favorable to use. Why is it so?
The dual straps of your backpack allow it easier to distribute the weight on both shoulders.
Moreover, messenger bags are not designed to carry for long time distance. You couldn’t carry the heavy luggage on just one side of your body for long period, as it will cause discomfort and pain. That’s why backpacks are preferred over sling bags. The only advantage of the messenger bag is that they are easily accessible and easy to carry.

How to fix the back pain caused by Sling Bag? 

If you’re suffering from back pain due to your sling bag then definitely, you need to relieve it. Here are some simple remedies, which you can follow while you’re in pain.

  • Exercise to get muscles moving: a light physical exercise can alleviate your back pain. Exercise enables your muscles to loose and stimulates the release of endorphins, a natural painkiller. Consistent exercise may prevent future back pain.
  • Heat and cold: heat and cold are found to be much effective for your pain. Usually, ice packs are used to reduce pain and inflammation. You can also heat your back, using a heating pad for pain relief.
  • Apply pain-relief ointment: a great variety of pain-relief creams are available in pharmacies, you can also use them.

Final words

Sling bags are designed smaller as compared to other bags, so use them accordingly. Avoid overstuffing your shoulder bags, it’ll only cause problems to your back, nothing else.

Moreover, you should manage the weight in your bag, put the heavyweight at the bottom and close to your back. Hope so this article will help you avoid back pain issues.

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