16 Best Backpacks for Gadgets in 2023

Best Backpacks for Gadgets

Wouldn’t it be hefty to drag your gadgets around in a briefcase? Imagine the most eminent tech YouTubers like Marques Brownlee, aka “MKBHD,” and Linus Sabastian, aka “Linus Tech Tips” are hauling their gear to the working site for an ongoing project.

We are living in a dynamically changing era in terms of technology and many other things. Everyone, from big tech companies to regular people, tends to take a minimalist approach. So, in addition to making the best backpacks for heavy gear, companies are also making the best backpacks for gadgets that can carry day-to-day items.

Nowadays, every person, whether a student, business owner or tech enthusiast, carries several gadgets like smartphones, laptops, cameras, etc.

These gadgets are vital to most people’s lives, as they are bound to bring them wherever they go. But bringing them around all the time can cause some inconvenience.

Here, the tech backpacks play an important role in carrying and being a helping hand.

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Why Choose the Best Backpacks for Gadgets?

2014 was the trendsetter year for backpacks for gadgets, and they have been in fashion since then, replacing briefcases swiftly. The backpacks are convenient for smartly packing more items and go very well with school, travel, or business attire.

With all the different brands, designs, styles, and uses of backpacks on the market today, it can be hard to choose the right bag without some help. To help you out, here are some points to answer the question: Why should we choose a gadget backpack?

Commodious Storage

The gadget backpacks are well-thought-out and have a lot of big pockets for putting things in the right places. Most of the time, people forget some essentials while packing, and it is too late to get them as they are already on the journey as soon as they realize it.

The highly organized sections of a backpack can remind me if there is something that is missing or not. Moreover, these organizing pockets provide the perfect and safe placement of all the items.

Secure Storage

How many times have you opened up your bag and found your laptop or tablet scratched while taking it out? These devices are fragile and can’t be held in one’s hand while doing business, studying, or other work-related activities. Instead, they need to be kept in a safe place.

The gadget backpacks are made to keep these essentials safe and give you peace of mind.

Tech Gears Compatibility

Besides the ability to store items safely, many backpacks come with handy amenities like a USB charging port and mini solar panels that can charge small gear. The laptop compartment of these backpacks has an anti-theft feature that stops thieves from trying to take the laptop while the person is traveling.

The best gadget backpacks are not just designed for other non-electric items but are compatible with secure electric gadget storage as well.

Exemplary for Remote Workers & Entrepreneurs

Because gadget packs are portable, they are ideal for business travelers or remote workers. Entrepreneurs are encouraged to travel for their businesses, and they need to use gadgets to do so. They can pack all kinds of items in their gadget backpacks like clothes, accessories, documents, gear, etc.

Remote workers can get the most use out of gadget backpacks because they can set their own hours. They can work from anywhere and anytime, as these backpacks can help them tremendously in terms of convenient access.

The best travel backpack for gadgets is a one-person office for entrepreneurs and remote workers while on a commute.

LifeStyle Compatible

The backpacks for gadgets are designed with graceful-looking and durable materials, which give them a very sophisticated look. This goes for all lifestyles, whether they are business- or café oriented.

Many remote workers are using cafes as their networking place for both professional and social purposes. The backpacks for gadgets blend perfectly with the café lifestyle and promote work-life balance.

That is the main reason to replace briefcases with backpacks for executives, as these gear backpacks fit with business attire as well.

Elevating Features to Consider for a Gadget Backpack

Getting your hands on the best tech backpack is not as easy as buying Nutella. Many inexperienced or new outdoor enthusiasts may get the wrong or basic backpack for their gear and end up regretting it. It’s not all about style and design, but the comfort, utility, and safety of your valuables inside the backpack.

Here are the most important things to think about when deciding which bag to buy with your money:

a)      Sizeable Interior

Size is not a negotiable aspect of backpacks. It’ll be perfect for a backpack with plenty of interior space or a large main compartment. The extra space will keep you hands-free when packaging your valuables.

Also, if the inside is well cushioned or padded, it will help keep your fragile devices from getting damaged by bumps and shocks.

b)      Durable Material & Hardware

Most of the time, we are more interested in how a backpack looks than in how well it is made or how long it will last.

For gadget backpacks in particular, it’s a good idea to look for materials that don’t wear out easily and stitching that’s been reinforced.

More organization means more zippers, locks, and straps, which are important for safely carrying the whole load. To protect electronic gear, zippers must be of high quality, last a long time, and have an extra feature to stop them from being stolen.

c)       Extra Pockets with Cushioning

The gadget backpacks are equipped with dedicated pockets that can carry big items like a laptop, a tablet, and other accessories. You should opt for the backpacks that come along with extra pockets that offer to hold accessories like charging cables, power banks, external drives, etc.

Also, if these pockets are well-cushioned or padded, it’s a good sign that your valuables will be safe.

d)      Security Assurance

No matter what kind of backpack you buy, you should always look for one that keeps your most important things safe. Make sure that its zippers are lockable and durable.

Anti-theft features like fabric that can’t be cut, sturdy zippers that can’t be opened with sharp or pointy tools, RFID blocking technology, hidden pockets, etc. are highly recommended.

Remarkable Gadget-Friendly Backpacks (Top 4) Comparison Table

The table below compares the top four best backpacks for gadgets. Detailed reviews of our 16 best gadget bags are available under this table.

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Our Rating


16 Best Backpacks for Gadgets in 2023

Evecase – Extra Large Travel Backpack

10 x 19 x 12 inches.

6.06 pounds


16 Best Backpacks for Gadgets in 2023

NOMATIC – Travel Backpack Duffel Bag

9 x 19 x 13
9 x 21 x 14 inches

3.34 Pounds
4.05 Pounds


16 Best Backpacks for Gadgets in 2023

Endurax – Extra Large Camera DSLRSLR Backpack

23 x 13 x 9 inches

6.5 Pounds


16 Best Backpacks for Gadgets in 2023

Korin Design – ClickPack Pro Anti-Theft Backpack

17.7 x 11.8 x 6.3 inches

2.22 Pounds


1. Best Overall – Evecase – Extra Large Travel Backpack

Best Backpacks for camera Gadgets

The Evecase Extra Large Multifunctional Backpack is a true gadget pack that is great for outdoor adventures, day hiking, professional photography, etc. It can carry all of your DSLR camera equipment, along with a laptop and tablet, effortlessly and safely.

This backpack features multiple internal and external accessory pockets, offering greater portability for veteran photographers. Dual-layer top and bottom compartments can hold camera equipment for easy access.

The top layer can hold one DSLR and two lenses, while the bottom layer can carry one DSLR and two lenses, which makes it the best travel backpack for gadgets. Camera inserts are removable, which makes the backpack convertible from travel to a school backpack.


  • Separate laptop section that holds 15.6-inch widescreen tablets and laptops.
  • Removable padded inserts with dividers.
  • Numerous internal and external accessories pockets.
  • Entirely convertible design from DSLR to travel/school backpack.
  • Multiple compression straps to keep all gears gripped and safe.
  • Mesh padded back panel, shoulder straps, and hip belt for perfect weight distribution.
  • Included rain cover to protect valuables against water and moisture.


Weight6.06 pounds. / 2.75 Kgs
Laptop Size15.6 Inches
Dimensions10 x 19 x 12 inches
    • Multiple pockets with space efficiency and better organization.
    • Outstanding material composition is constructed to last longer.
    • Dual rubber base support for protection and stability.
    • Dual mesh string water bottle and tripod holders on sides.
    • A heavily padded suspension system for utmost comfort.
    • Material quality is not of higher standards.
    • Stitching might come out.

    2. Best Value Provider – NOMATIC – Travel Backpack / Duffel Bag

    Best duffel Backpack for Gadgets

    The Nomatic Pack is a two-in-one combo, usable as either a backpack or a duffel bag. Its patented suspension system lets a user switch between a backpack and a duffel bag without any hassle. The water-resistant construction will leave you worry-free throughout your travels.

    It’s a place for everything in a pack that has multiple pockets inside to carry all the possible essentials one can think of. Most of the pockets are ventilated and designed for shoes, water reservoirs, tech, etc., making it the best backpack for gadgets. The multiple handles make it the most versatile backpack.


    • Dedicated laptop and tablet sleeves with Velcro strap.
    • High-capacity main compartment with divider and removable mesh laundry holder.
    • Numerous internal accessories pockets as an organizer behind the side pocket.
    • Expandable storage construction with multiple quick-access pockets.
    • Lockable RFID technology safe pocket inside.
    • Patented suspension system to convert it from backpack to duffel bag.
    • High-quality water-resistant material builds to protect valuables against water and moisture.


    Capacity30, 40 Liters
    Weight (30L) 3.34 Pounds. / 1.51 Kgs
    Weight (40L)4.05 Pounds. / 1.84 Kgs
    Laptop Size (30L)15 Inches. (15.25 x 11 x 1.5)
    Laptop Size (40L)16 Inches. (16 x 10.5 x 1.5)
    Material100% Waterproof Tarpaulin
    Bag Dimensions (30L)9 x 19 x 13 inches
    Bag Dimensions (40L)9 x 21 x 14 inches
    • Numerous pockets with space efficiency and excellent organization.
    • Roller luggage sleeve for travel leisure.
    • A versatile pack with convertibility and detachable hip belt.
    • Single mesh magnet water bottle holder on one side and a ventilated shoe carry pocket on the other side.
    • The cord organizer for charging and TSA approved laptop sleeve.
    • Zippers’ quality might be compromised.
    • A quite an expensive backpack.

    3. Best for Camera Gears – Endurax – Extra Large Camera DSLR/SLR Backpack

    Best Backpack for camera gears and Gadgets

    It is the best gadget bag for outdoor photographers who are used to hiking with multiple pieces of equipment. As far as the name is concerned it features wholesome space choices like convenient and easy access, organizing compartments, etc.

    The top gadget layer can hold one camera and four lenses, while the bottom layer can hold up to six lenses and one camera. In the main compartment, there is a large holder with dividers for accessories and a zipped pocket for a laptop or tablet.

    It features a hard-shell protective pocket on top to hold sunglasses or other delicate accessories safe from bumps and damage. The extra built-in shoulder bag is included and befits a lower camera compartment. It is attachable to the hip belt to reserve extra space.


    • Extra-large space for camera gadgets and tons of small accessories.
    • Top hard-shell pocket and bottom camera gear compartments.
    • A built-in shoulder bag that is removable.
    • Camera organizers/dividers are customizable as per need.
    • Dedicated zippered laptop and IPad pockets inside the main compartment.
    • Trio tripod handling compression straps on the front and both sides withholding small pockets.
    • High-quality water-resistant polyester material builds and rain cover to protect valuables against the weather.


    Weight6.5 Pounds. / 3 Kgs
    Laptop Size15.6 Inches
    MaterialWaterproof Polyester with cotton lining
    Dimensions23 x 13 x 9 inches
    • Numerous pockets with excellent gear organization.
    • Hard-shell protection for fragile gears with a bike light loop.
    • Extra-large space capacity for gadgets.
    • Dual, mesh-string water bottle holders on both sides and compression straps.
    • See-through laminated identifier pocket on the side.
    • Stitching may come out if heavily loaded.
    • Shoulder straps and handle may wear out.
    • Plastic zippers are not of top quality.

    4. Best Design – Korin Design – ClickPack Pro Anti-Theft Backpack

    Best anti theft Backpack for Gadgets

    The Korin Design ClickPack Pro is an improved version of the ClickPack backpack, which won an award for being small and hard to steal. The distinguishing feature that makes it the best backpack for tech gear is its TechTriple anti-theft protection, which is a TSA lock, YKK double-layer puncture-free zippers, and a retractable metal wire lock.

    It comes with five storage compartments inside the only organized section. The special slash-resistant polyester fabric construction makes it an anti-theft and practical backpack.

    The wrap-around shoulder weight-reduction system is a unique way to help spread weight and take pressure off the shoulders.


    • Compact and sleek design with highly organized storage capacity.
    • TechTriple Anti-theft system that is highly protective.
    • Dual, zipper pouches for electronics and toiletries.
    • Dedicated laptop and tablet pockets with Velcro straps.
    • Retractable metal wire lock with a bearing capacity of up to 50 kg.
    • RFID magnetic strips to carry credit cards and built-in reflectors watchable up to 100 feet at night and double layer water protection.
    • Rain cover included within a pocket-size carry bag.


    Capacity17.3 Liters
    Weight2.22 Pounds. / 1 Kg
    Laptop Size15.6 Inches
    MaterialWaterproof Polyester with Fabric lining
    Dimensions17.7 x 11.8 x 6.3 inches
    ColorBlack, Grey
    • Excellent thoughtful gear organization.
    • USB charging port and charging cable organizer.
    • Small hidden pockets on straps and back panel for small accessories and key chain holder.
    • Retractable, umbrella, and water bottle pocket with hook strap.
    • Luggage sleeve attachable to a suitcase handle.
    • Unique suspension system wrap-around shoulder strap for weight reduction.
    • Quite small but highly organized gadget backpack.
    • As the opening is 1800, every time you need to open it wide to access anything.
    • Not suitable for heavy storage.

    5. Best Price – Everki – Studio Slim Laptop Backpack

    Best slim Backpack for Gadgets

    The Studio laptop backpack is sleek and conservatively designed, making it ideal for the daily traveler who wants to bring important gadgets with them. It is stuffed with pockets and organizers that are enough for your daily essentials.

    The main compartments primarily consist of an electronics holder with padded laptop and tablet sleeves and small accessory pockets, as well as a books and clothing holding area. The front pocket is an organizer with multiple pockets for passports, tickets, wallets, stationery items, keychain holders, etc.

    The thick mesh water bottle holders, hidden pockets on the straps, luggage sleeve on the back panel, and integrated laptop corner guard system make it the best tech backpack.


    • Integrated laptop guard system on the corners to protect from falling and bumps.
    • Trolley pass-through sleeve with hidden stash pocket on the back panel.
    • Dedicated laptop and tablet pockets with felt lining.
    • Highly organized compartments with high contrast lining.
    • Broad, ergonomic shoulder straps and back panel with stash pocket.


    Capacity14 Liters
    Weight2.1 Pounds. / 1 Kg
    Laptop Size14.1 Inches
    MaterialWater-resistant Ripstop Fabric with Felt-lining
    Dimensions15.7 x 11 x 4.5 inches
    • Dozens of organizing pockets for accessories with a professional tech look.
    • Lightweight and intuitively designed backpack.
    • Durable and high-quality zippers with metal pull.
    • Side thick mesh water bottle pockets.
    • The luggage pass-through sleeve is attachable to the suitcase handle.
    • Limited lifetime manufacturer warranty.
    • No extra space for large items as a 14 Liters of capacity tech backpack.
    • Thick mesh water bottle holders are not stretchable and suitable for large bottles.
    • No sternum strap or hip belt.

    6. Best Futuristic Design – Lowepro – ProTactic BP 450 AW II Backpack

    Best futuristic design Backpack for Gadgets

    In the family of backpacks with gadgets, the Lowepro backpack is a tough professional camera pack that has four-point access to gears at the top, sides, and back. The SlipLock loop system and adjustable interior dividers provide a customized gadget configuration.

    In the main compartment, there is a place for two cameras and lenses, and there are several places to put hard drives. The dedicated zippered laptop and tablet sleeves within the main compartment have an 1800 opening. The side access point opens like wings and also has dual multifunctional zippered pockets.

    The top turret entry has a special protected quick-gadget access as well as the additional capacity to carry a camera and lenses. Flexible interiors, as well as extended outside connection capacities and add-ons, allow you to organize and transport everything you need.


    • 4-point access to reach out to all gadgets effortlessly.
    • FoamShell molded turret opening on top and wing-like opening on the side.
    • Two pro DSLRs with 8 extra lenses, a small drone, a laptop, and a tripod carrying capacity.
    • The SlipLock loops and tabs system and hip belt make it easier to add pouches and cases to easily bring along essentials.
    • The ActiveZoneTM back panel provides extra support and ventilation.


    Capacity25 Liters
    Weight5.5 Pounds. / 2.48 Kg
    Laptop Size15 Inches
    Dimensions14.17 x 8.66 x 20.47 inches
    • Tough EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) molded section and armored padding all around the backpack.
    • Adjustable dividers inside provide customized configurations for camera kits.
    • Multiple accessories holding capacity with the SlipLock system.
    • Extra all-day comfort with the ActiveZoneTM suspension system.
    • Built-in protective rain cover to safeguard gears from weather conditions.
    • Zippers might be stuck while opening.
    • No hard-shell on the base to protect from a fall or stand without support.
    • A bit heavy when empty.

    7. Best Alternative pack – Peak Design – Everyday Backpack V1

    Best Backpacks for Gadgets

    Inside the Peak Design, there are flap pockets on both sides with a number of dividers to hold camera accessories and other valuables. The butterfly-like opening flaps also have pockets inside for small items like passports, wallets, and SD cards, but could be a hassle for a quick security checkup.

    The top opening has a flap style and a magnetic latch closure with four different positions. The main compartment features a long-lasting, blended comfort interior with three FlexFold dividers for carrying camera kits and other internals.

    The top zipper pockets open to a dedicated laptop sleeve, a tablet sleeve, and a small accessories pocket as well. The side pockets are designed to blend and stay intact while being empty and can hold beverages but don’t have a holding strap or stretching support.

    Overall, it falls into the category of one of the best backpacks for electronics and gadgets.


    • Thoughtful three FlexFold dividers for various internal organizations.
    • MagLatchTM closure system with four magnets riveted ladder lock.
    • Endless capacity to carry camera kits and small drones.
    • Dedicated laptop sleeve on top with zipper closure and two divided sections.
    • The axial strap attachment helps to flip it on the front for quick access without taking it off.


    Capacity30 Liters
    Weight3.4 Pounds. / 1.54 Kg
    Laptop Size16 Inches
    MaterialWaterproof 400D Nylon Canvas
    Dimensions20 (H) x 13 (W) x 7.75 (D) inches
    • The soft and lasting blended cotton twill interior.
    • Removable dividers inside the side opening pockets.
    • Carry on approved and easily fitting under the seats.
    • Multilevel MagLatchTM closure system allows carrying more items.
    • A balanced organized system for versatile commutes.
    • Shoulder straps might feel sturdy and start fraying.
    • The magnetic closure might stop working through time.
    • Shoulder strap discomfort can stop you from longer adventures.

    8. Everki – EKP121-1 Atlas Travel-Friendly Laptop Backpack

    Best travel Backpack for Gadgets

    Everki’s Atlas Travel Knapsack is a modern and useful backpack for long trips. It has three main compartments with useful features.

    This well-designed backpack is good for business trips and can hold all of your tech gadgets as well as the more basic things you need.

    The devoted innovation compartment has two sleeves with a movable PC cushioned pocket and a tablet pocket also, and this segment can open at the 90-1800 point, which is a checkpoint-accommodating component for the best travel backpack for gadgets. The primary compartment can convey anything valuable for your drive.

    The third area is a coordinator that can hold all the basics and assets together, like wallets, identifications, keychains, and so forth. There is also a forward-looking pocket that can hold small embellishments, as well as the lunch box. Over this pocket, there is a quick-access open pocket for magazines and papers.

    Two-sided zippered pockets are multi-utilitarian and can hold an umbrella and water bottle. There is also a small pocket on the top for your phone and tickets.


    • Travel and checkpoint-accommodating rucksack.
    • Flexible cushioned PC pocket for bigger gadgets.
    • Five-Point Balance lash framework for better weight circulation and strength.
    • Felt-Lined tablet pocket with delicate padding for harm anticipation.
    • Trolley sleeve at the back for movement accommodation.


    Capacity1952.76 Cubic Inches. / 32 Liters
    Weight 4 Pounds. / 1.81 Kg
    Laptop Size13-17.3 Inches
    MaterialNylon, Polyester
    Dimensions18.9 (H) x 13.4 (W) x 9.1 (D) inches
    • Simple access magazine open pocket on the front side.
    • Roomy, efficient compartments for simple conveying.
    • Multi-utilitarian side pockets with water bottle holding loop.
    • Delicate lumber cushion for better ventilation.
    • Flexible ties with metal zipper pulls, and high-contrast lining.
    • One year restricted lifetime guarantee.
    • Somewhat little limit side pockets for water bottles.
    • The capacity limit of two to three days only.

    9. Lowepro – Fastpack BP 250 AW II Travel Backpack

    Best lowepro Backpack for Gadgets

    The Lowepro Fastpack features three main storage sections: a camera, electronics, and an organizer. The main compartment is a large and small item organizer with multiple small pockets and a clothing storage space.

    The rear buckle flap covering area has two zipper pockets for small accessories and the camera holder. The dedicated laptop sleeve opens on the side with the back panel, and it has a golden lining across the zipper.

    There is an expandable mesh pocket for a water bottle and a tripod holding strap on top of it. The hip belt, shoulder straps, and hip straps are all adjustable, and there is good airflow in the suspension system.

    The fast-access openings of this best tech backpack are convenient features that a gadget bag could have.


    • A DSLR, two-three lenses, and a laptop fitting capacity.
    • The camera section has an adjustable padded interior and quick access opening.
    • The CradleFit laptop and tablet pocket with a side opening.
    • A multi-pocket organizer on top of the backpack.
    • Built-in AW (All Weather) cover protects the gears from weather circumstances.


    Weight3.96 Pounds. / 1.8 Kg
    Laptop Size15 Inches
    Material600D Nylon
    Dimensions12.20 x 10.24 x 19.69 inches
    • Removable padded hip belt for convenient usage.
    • Securing flap closure on the rear bottom section for small items.
    • Multi-utilitarian side pockets with tripod handling strap on top.
    • High airflow back panel and adjustable strap system.
    • A key swiveling cord inside the main organizer.
    • Easy on the pocket travel-ready backpack.
    • Not recommended for hiking adventures but a short journey.
    • Does not fit under the seats.

    10. SwissDigital – Circuit Business Travel Backpack

    Best business travel Backpack for Gadgets

    The Circuit backpack is highly utilitarian with four different storage spaces: a laptop section, a main spacious compartment, an RFID pocket for electronic gadgets, and a multi-pocket organizer, which makes it the best travel backpack for gadgets.

    The laptop compartment, which has a 90-1800 opening, contains a laptop Velcro sleeve with rubber padding behind where the laptop rests and a three-pocket thickly padded organizer with a red lining for small devices. The main compartment has a large section for clothing and notebooks.

    RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) scanners can’t get to your personal information in the RFID pocket. The front zippered organizer has a multi-pocket section for smaller accessories.

    The front zippered glasses pocket, dual side mesh pockets for water bottles, zippered multifunctional pockets, and a densely padded suspension system with luggage trolley sleeve make it an all-arounder for school, business, and gadget travel.


    • Durable and rugged 1680D Ballistic Polyester construction with reinforced body and base.
    • 15 independent pockets for optimistic organization options.
    • Dedicated EVA molded and padded laptop section for electronics.
    • A rear multi-pocket organizer and zippered glasses pocket.
    • RFID pocket for passports, credit cards, and other personal information protection.
    • A quick-access USB charging port.


    Capacity35 Liters
    Weight2.7 Pounds. / 1.2 Kg
    Laptop Size15.6 Inches
    Material1680D Polyester with 210D Nylon lining
    Dimensions12.1 x 7.9 x 18.6 inches
    • TSA approved carry on backpack.
    • Ample space for all possible essentials for traveling.
    • Dual multi-utilitarian side pockets with mesh water bottle holders.
    • Thick padded back panel and with trolley sleeve.
    • A high-quality build that lasts longer.
    • Ergonomic S-shaped shoulder straps and 3D mesh ventilation system.
    • Could be bulky when fully loaded.
    • No integrated compression straps.
    • Not suitable for kids or short torso.

    11. Mark Ryden – Mocchasio Anti-Theft Laptop Backpack

    Best antitheft Backpacks for Gadgets

    The Mocchasio Anti-Theft Backpack is designed to meet the needs of every individual. The minimalistic structure with completely secure features comes with flexible space and a highly organized main compartment that has a 90-1800 opening, which triggers its ability to be the best tech backpack.

    The only main compartment has a lot of space, including padded laptop and tablet sleeves with Velcro belts, an optimized organization system with four pencil grips and a zippered pocket, and a power bank pocket with a padded small camera and headphone pocket.

    Also, the USB charging port and the many hidden pockets on the outside and inside are very useful. With adjustable shoulder straps, thick mesh padding, multiple hidden pockets, and a trolley sleeve, the well-thought-out suspension system adds to the bag’s comfort and versatility.


    • Highly organized all in one main compartment.
    • Multiple hidden pockets for a travel-friendly commute.
    • Slash and water-resistant front panel.
    • Outer USB charging port for in-a-hurry charging.
    • 90-1800 opening with super quick access for all items.
    • Luggage strap that attaches backpack with trolley handle.


    Weight2 Pounds. / 0.90 Kg
    Laptop Size15.6 Inches
    MaterialDurable Oxford Nylon with Polyester lining
    Dimensions16.50 x 3.90 x 12.60 inches
    ColorContrast (Grey & Black)
    • Minimalistic design for travel and everyday use.
    • Multiple hidden and stash pockets make it a real anti-theft backpack.
    • The Ultra-wide opening is highly convenient in checkpoints.
    • Zippered hidden pocket on the front panel for documents.
    • Ergonomic shoulder straps and honeycomb mesh ventilation system.
    • Dual, side water bottle holders.
    • Highly affordable anti-theft tech gear backpack.
    • No hip belt or sternum straps are available.
    • Highly tech-oriented short distance travel backpack.
    • Not fully waterproof needs extra rain cover purchase.

    12. Best for Female – Himawari – Holly Daze Laptop Backpack

    Best female Backpacks for Gadgets

    The Himawari backpack is a laptop bag for women. It is made by a Malaysian company that is expanding into Hong Kong. This backpack is available in 40 different design variations that are both fashionable and feminine.

    It is the best gadget backpack for women and can be used as a backpack and a carry-on bag as well. The main compartment is very big and has a place for a laptop or tablet, an extra open pocket, an internal zipped pocket on one side, and a middle-sized space for clothes and books.

    The front exterior pocket is a small accessory holder, and alongside it are two water bottle or umbrella pockets with an integrated USB charging port.


    • Highly capacity main compartment for large items.
    • Dedicated laptop and tablet sleeves.
    • Lightweight waterproof Nylon construction.
    • External USB charging port for charging mobile while traveling.
    • Dual carrying utility as a bag or backpack.
    • Water and stain-resistant material.


    Capacity18 Liters
    Weight1.55 Pounds. / 0.70 Kg
    Laptop Size14-15.6 inches
    MaterialWater-resistant Nylon
    Dimensions16 x 11 x 6.3 inches
    ColorMulticolor (40 Variations)
    • Functional adorable and stylish feminine backpack.
    • The padded suspension system for better comfort.
    • A huge design collection according to women’s choice appetite.
    • Zippered anti-theft pocket on the side of the back panel for accessories.
    • Dual, side water bottle pockets, and a USB charging port.
    • Highly versatile carrying design as hand-held carry or a backpack.
    • No hip belt or sternum straps are available.
    • Highly women-oriented daily usage backpack.
    • Edgy metal strap buckles may cause scratches.

    13. Yalundisi – Vintage Laptop Backpack

    Best vintage Backpack for Gadgets

    It is the best backpack for gadgets, with multiple compartments and a cylindrical shape. It has one main compartment that is big enough for a laptop and has a Velcro sleeve for it. It also has one inner side pocket with space for clothes and books.

    The outer panel consists of two front pockets, out of which one is zipped and the other is zipped with a buckle flap closure. Furthermore, there are two side water bottle pockets with stretch closures. It comes with an external USB charging port and a headphone jack port.

    The back panel is a simple fabric panel with reinforced adjustable shoulder straps that are thickly padded and have reflective strips on them.


    • Multi-compartment high capacity versatile utility backpack.
    • The main section has dual-sided zippers with a lid-style opening.
    • The durable water-resistant Polyester build ensures secure usage.
    • External USB charging and headphone jack port for on-the-go charging and media consumption.
    • Foam padded top handle to carry backpack conveniently.


    Weight1.9 Pounds. / 0.9 Kg
    Laptop Size15.6 Inches
    MaterialWater-resistant Polyester
    Dimensions17 (H) x 11 (W) x 6 (D) inches
    ColorBlack, Grey, Pink, Red
    • Functional and stylish versatile backpack.
    • The padded shoulder straps to prevent strain and discomfort.
    • Spacious compartments for all-day essential carriage.
    • Headphone jack, and a USB charging port.
    • High volume dual-side water bottle pockets.
    • Highly versatile carrying backpack for men and women, school, and college-goers.
    • No ventilation system with proper padding.
    • No hip belt or sternum straps are available.
    • Cheap fabric usage for the offering price and has a chemical smell.

    14. Case Logic – DLBP-114 14-Inch Laptop Backpack

    Best case logic Backpack for Gadgets

    The Case Logic Laptop Backpack is fashioned for ultimate comfort and usability. This one is adaptable for agile professionals or those returning to school. It comes with two main compartments with adequate space for valuables.

    The main section has a laptop cushioned sleeve and space for large stationery items like notebooks, bindings, and books. The second compartment has many pockets for passports, wallets, small cameras, power banks, pencils, charging cables, and much more.

    The zipped pocket on top is a sunglasses holder with a red lining on the zipper. The zipped pockets on both sides are multi-functional.

    The shoulder straps are adjustable, and the strips are foldable according to need and do not hang around like any other backpack, which is a unique feature of the best backpack for gadgets.


    • Adequate capacity backpack for business enthusiasts or schoolgoers.
    • A felt-lined, scratch-resistant pocket for sunglasses on top.
    • The strap system keeps the hanging strips rolled up.
    • Quilted padding on the front panel and thick cushioning on shoulder straps.
    • The front organizer pocket keeps the valuables in place.


    Weight1.27 Pounds. / 0.6 Kg
    Laptop Size14 inches
    MaterialWater-resistant Polyester
    Dimensions17.28 (H) x 13.39 (W) x 6 (D) inches
    • Quilted padding on the front panel keeps the essential accessories safer inside.
    • The padded shoulder straps and back panel prevents strain and discomfort.
    • Luggage sleeve is on the front panel and can carry a jacket and attachable to the trolley handle.
    • Double-sided zipper on the main compartment and the webbed top handle.
    • Highly affordable gadget laptop backpack.
    • The side zipped pockets are not adequate for water bottles.
    • The back panel is not supporting high airflow as it has straight thick padding.

    15. YOREPEK – Slim Laptop Backpack

    Best Backpacks for Gadgets

    The YOROPEK Slim Laptop Backpack is made of 210D nylon fabric and has 10+ pockets on the inside and outside. It keeps all of your essentials in place and ready to move along for any adventure you are about to hop in.

    The central compartment comes with a built-in padded laptop sleeve with a Velcro strap, extra pockets for accessories, and adequate space for bindings, and books.

    The other section is an organizer for electronics like mobiles, and tablets, as well as other stationery items and personal documents.

    The front panel also has a quick access diagonal zippered pocket for small accessories. Other features include dual-sided bottle holders with magnet strap closures and top and bottom compression straps.

    The headphone hole, USB charging port, adjustable padded shoulder straps, and lockable metal zippers make it a travel-friendly backpack for gadgets.


    • Anti-theft compatibility with lockable metal zippers suitable for traveling.
    • 10+ storage pockets can carry from tech gadgets to daily usage essentials like clothes, keys, etc.
    • A padded back panel with S-shaped adjustable straps ensures the utmost comfort.
    • A versatile sleek and slim designed backpack for business tours or any day-to-day activities.
    • Durable and adjustable insert buckles and clasps.


    Capacity35 Liters
    Weight1.50 Pounds. / 0.68 Kg
    Laptop Size15.6 Inches
    MaterialEco-Friendly Nylon Fabric
    Dimensions11.81 x 7.08 x 18 inches
    • Anti-theft compatible with separate flexible lock included.
    • Eco-Friendly Nylon fabric build.
    • Lightweight, and rain-resistant slim backpack suitable for students.
    • Double-sided bottle holders with magnet buckle.
    • Highly affordable gadget laptop backpack.
    • The charging port might be of low quality.
    • Some may find it less spacious.

    16. Sosoon – 17-Inch Laptop Backpack

    Best Backpacks for Gadgets

    The Sosoon Laptop Backpack is a TSA-friendly travel backpack that has a high storage capacity for laptops, tablets, books, and tons of other day-to-day essentials.

    The main compartment is for large items like books, bindings, clothes, etc. The dedicated laptop compartment has a padded laptop sleeve and a mesh pocket for other tech gadgets. The laptop compartment opens at an angle of 1800 degrees, making it the best backpack for gadgets, and TSA-approved.

    The third compartment is an organizer for multiple accessories like power banks, tablets, passports, wallets, stationery items, key chains, etc.

    It comes with an external USB charging port, dual-sided mesh fabric bottle holders with an anti-theft hook that locks the metal zippers, a breathable back panel with a hidden pocket and luggage sleeve, and massage mat-like padding on the shoulder straps with a reflecting strip for glasses.


    • Anti-theft compatibility with a lockable hook built inside the bottle pockets.
    • TSA-friendly gadget backpack feasible for Airport checking.
    • Massage mats padding on shoulder straps for extra comfort and utility.
    • A dedicated laptop compartment that opens at 90-1800 angle is best for quick security checkups.
    • Highly ventilated back panel with trolley luggage sleeve.


    Capacity32 Liters
    Weight2.64 Pounds. / 1.2 Kg
    Laptop Size15.6-17 inches
    Material1680D Polyester
    Dimensions16.1 x 10.2 x 4 inches
    ColorBlack, Grey
    • Anti-theft compatible with lockable hook inside water bottle pocket.
    • Multiple hidden pockets are feasible against pickpockets.
    • Reinforced shoulder straps with Massage Mats Padding.
    • Highly durable 1680D Polyester build with water-resistant quality.
    • Fit for all gadget backpack and suitable for any event and activities like college, business, or any leisure trips.
    • Not fully waterproof and needs extra investment on the rain cover.
    • Not suitable for heavy loads.


    There’s no avoiding that it’s a costly backpack; however, that cash is going towards a backpack that you won’t have to trade for quite a long time to come.

    If you frequently use your pack, especially if you’re a photographer or videographer who needs precise organization and quick access to their equipment, you should look for the best backpacks for gadgets that guarantee to make the venture worthwhile.

    The backpacks we’ve talked about in this article can help you carry your drone, DSLR camera, laptop, and anything else you need for a long trip. Because they are made of waterproof materials, you don’t have to worry about a water spill damaging your gadgets.

    Additionally, the various compartments offer space to sort out various contraptions and frills. So, buy one of the best gadget backpacks listed above to make sure you can carry different things easily and safely.

    Be conscious about investing in a gadget backpack, and if you have any queries or suggestions, we can talk about it in the comment section below!

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