15 Best Mini Backpacks in 2022

Best Mini Backpacks

Every person needs something extraordinary in life as a partner to help in daily traveling. So, the best mini backpacks are what you can’t go without them. No matter, if you intend to buy one for yourself or to gift it to your family members, friends, or someone special, we will help you find the best piece.

Nowadays, mini backpacks are believed to be a very trendy and useful alternative for carrying daily essentials comfortably. Most of the mini bags are available are known for their designs, materials made, and functions. So, based on your requirements, you can get one of the cool small backpacks.

If you are the one who used to enjoy the journey and traveling, then a trendy mini backpack should be your priority. Despite the reason to purchase the mini backpacks, you will find them valuable, comfortable, and secure.

For getting ease with your day-to-day traveling, several wheeled bags would be helpful. However, a mini backpack remains to be the best choice for travelers, students, and someone who prefers a conventional way of taking their essentials.

In this article, we are going to include good-looking, loving, and best mini backpacks on amazon. Now, let’s go down to each product without any further delay.

Best Mini Backpacks (Top 4)-Quick Comparison Table

Following is the table showing our top 4 products from the list of best mini backpacks. These are our best observations depending upon their quality, materials, beauty, reviews from real owners, and a lot of other factors.

If you are in a hurry you can view them on amazon. Detailed reviews and information available below this table.

Product Image






15 Best Mini Backpacks in 2022

Cute Mini Leather Backpack

10.23 x 9.05 x5.51 inches

1.06 pounds


15 Best Mini Backpacks in 2022

Louis Vuitton Palm Springs MINI Backpack

7.4 x 11.9 x 3.9 inches

1.54 pounds


15 Best Mini Backpacks in 2022

Faux Mini Leather Backpack

12.5 x 10.5 x 5 inches

1.3 pounds


15 Best Mini Backpacks in 2022

BOYATU Mini Leather Backpack

10.2x 9×3.9inches

1.36 pounds


1. Cute Mini Leather Backpack

Best Mini Backpack

Cute Mini Fashion Backpack is uniquely Designed for Girls and Women. It is well-designed and comes with neat stitching. This fashion mini backpack is made from durable and thick faux leather with an interior polyester lining.

This cute mini backpack has clean stitching, and high-quality metal accessories are durable too.

It comes with Adjustable double Shoulder straps, which make you capable of extra comfort and convenience.

It also has clean stitching and high-quality metal accessories for durable in use and 1 sewed top short handle.

It is designed with exact-sized compartments and pockets where you can save your essentials.


Weight                                  1.06 pounds

Capacity                                Not Specified  

Material                                PU Leather

Dimensions                          10.23 x 9.05 x5.51 inches

  • Top-quality metal accessories
  • Clean stitching
  • Sturdy artificial leather
  • The straps are a little flimsy

2. BOYATU Mini Leather Backpack

Best small leather Backpack

The Boyatu unique mini backpack is a 100% genuine leather backpack made from top-grain cowhide leather. The high-quality leather material provides a beautiful finish and soft touch to it.

The inner lining of this mini backpack purse is made from soft polyester and at the same time, resilient. It is suitable for women shopping, traveling, and dating.

Its portable design is for the safety of your properties. It can carry your mobile phone, wallet, and cosmetics, IPAD, umbrella, and all your essentials.

The most prominent feature of this mini backpacks is the shoulder strap. Your will is more comfortable with it.

It also holds two side pockets and one back pocket, which can hold smaller items like your chopstick, pen, etc. This is the best mini backpack with a side pocket on our list.


Weight                                  1.36 pounds

Capacity                                Not Specified

 Material                               Polyester

Dimensions                          10.2x 9×3.9inches

  • Stylish Appearance
  • Durability and Longevity
  • Easily Biodegradable
  • Comparatively heavy

3. Louis Vuitton Palm Springs MINI Backpack

Best Mini leather Backpack

Louis Vuitton is the best vegan mini backpack in terms of design, style, quality, and durability. This popular small backpack is made of leather which makes it sturdy.

It features an exotic leather pattern with a modern touch, engraved zip pulls, and trims. The interior lining is also made from a high-quality waterproof material with durable stitching.

It has a padded leather top handle, two adjustable filled shoulder straps, and a double zip closure with carved pulls.

It has a stable top flap and side patch pockets as well. It also has an exterior zipped front pocket for extra space, an inside flat pocket, which adds to its versatility.

This mini backpack has a plentiful space inside and is suitable for storing all your essentials such as your diary, cosmetics, purse, and cellphone.


Weight                                  1.54 pounds

Capacity                                Not Specified

Dimensions                          7.4 x 11.9 x 3.9 inches

  • Durable and luxorius
  • Easy to use
  • Design is pretty simple
  • Limited sizes are available

4. Faux Mini Leather Backpack

Best Mini Backpack in leather stuff

Faux MINI Leather Backpack is a well-sewn backpack purse with an Italian trendy and feminine Design. This stylish backpack is made of soft faux leather, which waterproof and durable.

Its interior lining is also made from durable thick faux leather and polyester. It also has High-quality cotton lining and durable metal zippers.

This branded mini backpack has clean stitching and high-quality metal accessories are durable and add panache to this bag.

It has a short sewn Leather top handle and adjustable shoulder straps that are more comfortable and would not bother your skin.

It possesses multiple pockets that can accommodate your essentials comfortably. Its main pocket can tightly keep your A4 magazine power bank, and makeup too.

Besides, this backpack purse easily accommodates your usual necessities and roomy enough to hold your iPad, glasses case, cosmetics, etc.


Weight                                 1.3 pounds

Capacity                               Not Specified

Material                               Faux leather

Dimensions                         12.5 x 10.5 x 5 inches

  • Faux leather is cheaper
  • Feature a high gloss finish.
  • Cleaned easily
  • Not breathable

5. Jansport Half Pint Mini Backpack

Best Mini jansport Backpack

The Jansport is an admirable, durable, and stylish light weighted mini backpack. It is designed with adequate interior storage space where you can safely store your stuff.

This JanSport Half Pint mini backpack features durable construction made from excellent quality material, 600-Denier polyester. This Mini Backpack is famous for its strength, durability, and resilience to external pressure.

The adjustable web shoulder straps of this best travel mini backpack allow less strain to fall on your shoulders.

This half-pint size is excellent for internal storage. You can fit all the essential stuff and a few extra items as well.

It also comes with a functional zipper front. Plus, it possesses sturdy and secures one main compartment and multiple zippered pockets.


Weight                                   0.44 pounds

Capacity                                 10.2L

Material                                 Polyester

Dimensions                           12.3 x 10.0 x 6.5 inches

  • Best quality material
  • It can offer more room for storage
  • It is reliable and durable
  • The straps are a little uncomfortable

6. Lily and Drew Nylon Backpack

Best Mini nylon Backpack

The Lily and Drew backpacks are excellent for quality and design. This best mini backpack purse is made from quality material with a sturdy nylon exterior that could last for many years.

The inner side is lined with mild padding that adds a feeling of luxury. This mini backpack is highly convenient for short travels and day touring.

It has a thick and highly durable backpack is designed with a handle on top that enables easy grab and goes.

Its adjustable shoulder straps are also made from the same canvas. You can also adjust the shoulder straps according to your height and weight.

It has many pockets, both inside and outside, to store items like your headphones, and other things that you need.

Likewise, you can use the internal sleeve to pack items in your backpacks like an iPad mini, and other small gadgets. 


Weight                                 0.83 pounds

Capacity                                13L

Material                                Nylon

Dimensions                          10 x 8 x 7 inches

  • Top-quality stylish backpack-purse
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • One-year warranty
  • Zippers appear to be cheaply made

7. Fjallraven Kanken Classic Backpack

Best Mini classic Backpack

Fjallraven Kanken is a small stylish backpack and has a sturdy and timeless classic appearance. It is crafted with a 2-way zipper that comes with a rain flap to give maximum safety.

Its straps are made from high quality and sturdy nylon material. This brand enhances dependability, durability, and functionality.

It is also designed with dual top handles that enable users to carry it quickly and for short trips. You can easily hold this backpack on your arm via the top handle.

It has enough to store all your stuff, and it can save whatever you want. The rigidity of the bag permits it to hold its shape and divide the weight.

This mini backpack has many pockets. The inner pockets are for your visa documents, paperwork, passport, receipts, etc.


Weight                             0.5 pounds

Capacity                           7L

Material                           Vinyl

Dimensions                     11.4 x 7.9 x 5.1inches

  • Waterproof and dirt proof
  • Very iconic and trendy design
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Stitching does not look tidy

8. American Shield Girls Mini Waterproof Backpack

Best Mini waterproof Backpack

The American Shield is Modern design Girls mini waterproof backpack, which is fit for multipurpose like vacation, travel, and school. It is light weighted and roomy and perfect for camping and shopping as well.

The cute unique pattern is the sturdy stitch makes it firmly and lasts for a long time. It is made with high-quality water and tears resistant material.

You will feel comfortable with Adjustable Shoulder Straps, which makes it simple to wear on your back and front.

Moreover, the American Shield backpack has Plenty of Pockets and much Capacity to store your essentials.

It also comes with a main compartment for storing clothes, iPad, toys, makeup, umbrella, cell phones, and pencil pouch, and much more.

Its main zippered pocket, two side pockets for a water bottle, front pocket for your wallet and key chain, etc.

You can keep your passport, cash, and credit cards safe and sound by storing them in inner zippered pockets.


Weight                                  0.9 pounds

Capacity                                Not Specified

Material                                PU Leather

Dimensions                          12.9 x 9 x 2 inches

  • Tear-resistant
  • Lightweight and spacious enough
  • Inner zippered pockets
  • Zippers tend to break easily

9. Echofun Nylon Mini Backpack

best lightweight mini backpack

Echofon is a lightweight mini backpack made from a water-resistant, durable nylon fabric material that will keep your essentials safe in the rain. The Echofon mini backpack is perfect for shopping and traveling as well as schools.

This backpack has adjustable shoulder straps that can be adjusted according to your height. It is well designed to release pressure on the shoulders and increase comfort for long travels.

It is combined with a high-quality zipper closure arrangement. It would not tear during accidental bumps or rough use.

It has many organize pockets that will keep your essentials in the best way. There are three pockets in the outer layer for keeping your keys, money, rings, lipsticks, etc.

Likewise, inside, this mini backpack can carry an iPad mini, a freshwater bottle, an umbrella, and other supplies with ease.


Weight                                  0.71 pounds

Capacity                                Not Specified

Material                                Nylon

Dimensions                          7.9 x 3.9 x 11.8 inches

  • Small but perfect
  • Great for walking and travelling
  • Excellent quality backpack
  • Not versatile enough

10. YiXiamo Cute Mini Backpack

cute mini backpack

YiXiamo Cute Backpack is made with thick canvas fabric. Being a lightweight best mini backpacks designer, it is capable of bearing heavyweights.

 Plus also it is fracture-resistant and able to bear heavyweight, and breathable mesh fabric, practical, wearable, and durable.

The YiXiamo Cute has an Innovative pattern design, sterling quality, and suitable for both children and adults.

It comes with a cute design, and its color is eye-catching and stylish. It is not just stylish but also multifunctional.

Plus, it is also composed of one sizeable zip-open division and a tiny zip open section capable of amazingly holding plenty of items.


Weight                                  0.35 pounds

Capacity                                Not Specified

Dimensions                         9.45 x 7.88 x 4.33 inches

  • Made with 100% polyester
  • An ideal present for kids
  • Designed with innovative patterns
  • The side pockets are too small

11. AOTIAN Mini Nylon Women Backpack

best women mini backpack

The AOTIAN Mini Nylon Women Backpack is made from is best-quality nylon and made with durable polyester and excellent lining.

It is also featured with non-toxic environmental ability, lightweight, wear-resistant, and some other characteristics. Besides, it can breathe freely, comes with stunning color.

Furthermore, it also has an adjustable strap length, and a firmly sewed handle gives ease for utilizing.

All its pockets are roomy, the dimensions of this bag are suitable. It is a small size backpack but good enough to keep your valuables in the best way.

AOTIAN is the best mini backpack with a side pocket that can accommodate your tablet, iPad, a small umbrella, sunglasses, a water bottle, makeups, snacks, and other stuff.

It can be the perfect partner whenever you go for short trips and other adventurous activities with loved ones.


Weight                                 0.68 pounds

Capacity                               Not Specified

Material                               Nylon

Dimensions                         9.4 x 12x 4 inches

  • Made with 100% nylon material
  • Best for outdoor adventures
  • Supported by a one-year warranty
  • Zippers are frail

12. Dakine Campu Mini Backpack

best mini backpack for travel

The Dakine Campu mini backpack made from high-quality polyester holds the best style and fashion and this is one of the best mini backpack for travel.

The bag possessing many best features, there’s plenty of space to organize your things with two front zipper pockets and the main compartment.

The campus mini also features reflective safety details as well as an adjustable sternum strap to balance the load. It has a Non-padded tablet sleeve and an organizer pocket and meshes side pockets as well.

Its mesh pockets on the sides can fix a cold water bottle. The main compartment pocket has double zippers.

Moreover, this kids’ backpack also features an insulated pocket in the front of the bag, and you could put an 8 ounce of weight.

Plus, you can use the front pockets for the cell phone while the main compartment for extra clothes, a blanket, and much more.


Weight                                  0.9 pounds

Capacity                                18L

Dimensions                          16.1 x 10.4 x 0.8 inches

  • Great backpack for kids
  • Good price
  • Size and material are the best
  • For some users the straps are small

13. HITOP Mini Backpack

lightweight best mini backpack purse

HITOP Mini Backpack is a lightweight best mini backpack purse, the best for indoor and outdoor travel activities such as shopping and camping.

It is obtainable in various colors and the most preferred gifts for both girls and boys. Plus, the HITOP Mini Backpack is an ideal size for carrying a variety of items.

It is made from durable canvas fabric with comfortable and adjustable shoulder straps, evenly distributes weight on your shoulder.

Hence it is lightweight and can be used as an average purse to decrease your back pains.  And its magnetic closures are very simple to open.

Its style and functionality come with many compartments in that you can accommodate your clothing and daily supplies, etc.

Moreover, it is also featured with multiple pockets, in which you can keep your valuables safe and organized.


Weight                                  1 pound

Capacity                                Not Specified

Dimensions                          8.7 x 3.5 x 10.3 inches

  • Lightweight
  • Stylish and multifunctional
  • Best quality canvas fabric
  • Straps are quite long

14. Mini Canvas Backpack

best Mini Canvas Backpack

This Mini Canvas Backpack has a reinforced stylish design and sturdy and durable constructions. This stylish mini backpack is made of a soft heavy canvass. Small size but not too little Big enough to carry what you need.

This lightweight Mini canvas backpack is suitable for women and girls. You could quickly go hiking with it and also use it to organize all the essentials for work.

This soft waterproof backpack has three different pockets with zippers, one of the roomier of the mini bags. Due to its roomy situation, it is one of the best mini backpacks for hiking too.

Moreover, inside the main pocket, it holds two small pockets and one zipped pouch that gives much space for storage and organization. And you can Fix your up 7-inch tablet, IPad, wallet, and planner as well.

Another great feature is its versatile adjustable wide shoulder straps, which zip together to make this mini backpack into a sling bag.


Weight                                  0.99 pounds

Capacity                                Not Specified

Dimensions                          12 x 8 x 4 inches

  • Small and cute
  • Perfect for any height
  • Adjustable straps
  • Not truly waterproof

15. Hershel Nova Mini Backpack

best mini backpacks for moms

The Hershel Nova Mini Backpack is a perfect backpack if you desire lightweight and fashionable. It is made of a stiff canvas Polyester material and had almost Polyethylene foam lining also.

Its design is simple, classic, and stylish like other Hershel bags. It is also capable of fixing your electronic gadgets. This backpack could be one of the best mini backpacks for moms for their daily usage.

The Nova Mid-Volume backpack features dual top carrying handles, convenient external pockets, and slender shoulder straps. Its thin shoulder straps and carrying handles on the top, making it perfect for comfortable use.

Likewise, it also has a front storage pocket, which is for easy access to your essentials. It has a pocket for iPad, lunchbox, wallet, and many other loose things.

Similarly, it has a small pocket on the front for your small items, such as a small pack of tissues, hand sanitizer, and keys, etc.  


Weight                             0.75 pounds

Capacity                           Not Specified

Dimensions                     11 x 8 x 4.75 inches

  • Stiff canvas material
  • Perfect size and padded
  • Sturdy and comfortable
  • Stars Zippers fall off

Final Words:

Well! That’s all about the best mini backpacks for now. Our list includes all the high-quality, durable, and best backpacks for every occasion.

The backpacks that we reviewed are based on their quality features. Try to read the products carefully, so that you don’t miss anything before making your valuable decision.

For getting the best mini backpack on Amazon, you have excellent options here. We hope that this article will help you in purchasing the best small backpack