Best Rolling Backpack for College Students in 2023

Best Rolling Backpack for College Students

Are you moving from school to college and need the best rolling backpack for college? If yes, you are in the right place, and we will help you get the right wheeled backpack. For all your college materials, you need a bag with a large storage capacity that can hold all your stuff.

Moreover, you can carry as much weight as you want and still feel heavy. So, buy a lightweight, spacious college backpack with wheels that makes you capable of putting in all the stuff.

Besides, for all your college stuff, the rolling bookbags for college are much more spacious and straightforward to use as well as to move. Also, you will be able to keep all of your college and school materials in one place with a full-safety, high-quality rolling backpack.

So, let go of your heavy book load and enjoy the most recent models of the best rolling backpacks. Therefore, we have listed the top 10 best-wheeled backpacks for college students.

Let’s talk about the best rolling backpack for college in 2023:

Best Rolling Backpack for College (Top 4)-Quick Comparison Table

We have picked the top 4 best rolling backpacks for college students from our list of the top 10 wheeled backpacks. Detailed reviews are under this table.

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Best Rolling Backpack for College Students in 2023

High Sierra Freewheel Wheeled Rolling Backpack

20.5 x 8 x 13.5 inches

3.5 pounds


Best Rolling Backpack for College Students in 2023

Jan-Sport Driver 8 Core Series Wheeled Backpack

19.69 x13.78 x 9.84 inches

5 pounds


Best Rolling Backpack for College Students in 2023

Osprey Ozone Convertible Wheeled Luggage

22 x 14 x 9 inches

6.33 pounds


Best Rolling Backpack for College Students in 2023

Jansport Superbreak Rolling Wheeled Backpack

19x13x9.5 inches

6.1 Pounds


1. High Sierra Freewheel Wheeled Rolling Backpack

best rolling backpack for college students

High Sierra’s Freewheel Wheeled Rolling Backpack is made from a lightweight, durable 600D Duralite Ripstop. It is the best rolling backpack for college students because it is water-resistant and can keep your essentials dry.

It is a big rolling backpack with many compartments to carry different items conveniently. It is fully padded to stop impacts and shocks from the outside.

Plus, it also holds a fully-padded laptop compartment to carry your 17-inch laptop and protect it from shocks when you are on the move.

Besides, the High Sierra rolling backpack also features multiple pockets with the organizer, like a lidded media pocket, a zippered mesh pocket, and pen pockets for you to keep small pens, pencils, and other objects, making it perfect for storing all of your smaller kinds of stuff.

Besides, there are pockets for keeping electronic gadgets, headphones, etc. There are also side pockets for drinks, and the triangle clip can be used to attach more things.

Additionally, the mesh-padded shoulder straps will give you ultimate comfort. On top of the High Sierra rolling backpack, there is a telescoping handle that can extend like a suitcase, which will help to drag the bag easily.

And its smooth-rolling, inline-style wheels are fixed at its corners for stability and a comfortable ride. It is also the best lightweight rolling backpack for college because you can carry it easily.


Weight3.5 pounds
Material600D Polyester Rip-stop
Dimensions20.5 x 8 x 13.5 inches
Laptop dimensionsUp to 17 inches
  • Multiple compartments
  • Comfortable to hold with telescope handle
  • Large capacity
  • Padded shoulder straps
  • The handle sometimes jam

2. Jan-Sport Driver 8 Core Series Wheeled Backpack

wheeled backpack for college students

The Jan-Sport Driver 8-wheeled backpack for college students is made of durable 600D polyester, which has a velocity of 420D and is easy to clean up.

This backpack has much space, durability, and usefulness for college and school students as well as travelers.

The Jan-Sport Driver 8 is the best rolling backpack for college, with an elegant design and a comfortable handle to hold. You can also store your books, register, laptop, copies, and lots of other accessories in its several sections.

JanSport’s backpack holds three main compartments. Two of them are for keeping large-size materials such as books and travel materials.

While there is a separate padded section for your 15-inch laptop that you can keep in a larger compartment.

Moreover, it also features a utility pocket and a side pocket for a water bottle, making them easily accessible.

And every zip of this rolling backpack holds an attached piece of fabric, which helps you open and close the pockets quickly.

This backpack also features two padded shoulder straps so that you can easily carry it. Plus, there is a handle at the top of the bag, which gives you help when you drag it.

This rolling backpack also has a wheeling system that can keep it moving very quickly over the ground. JanSport manufactures the best-wheeled backpacks for students.


Weight5 pounds
Capacity36 L
Material420 +600 Denier Nylon polyester
Dimensions19.69 x13.78 x 9.84 inches
Laptop dimensions15 inches
  • Organized pockets and sections
  • Separate water bottle pocket
  • Shoulder and upper strap
  • Durable, Stylish, and comfortable
  • The heavy load will tear the upper strap

3. Osprey Ozone Convertible Wheeled Luggage

Convertible Wheeled Luggage bag

The Osprey’s Ozone is a convertible wheeled luggage bag made from high-quality 420HD x 210D x 630D Nylon Dobby that can be used as a traditional backpack or wheeled bag.

It has a suspension system for traveling and a detachable daypack that is great for carrying both light and heavy things.

The Osprey’s Ozone is smaller and has a roomy rolling backpack with plenty of compartments and pockets which can carry most of your essentials like your phone, keys, books, etc.

While the large main compartment has plenty of storage space and several internal compression straps to keep your belongings from shifting around unexpectedly, you can keep your 17-inch laptop, clothes, shoes, and other valuables safe during your walk. 

For extra storage, it comes with interior side zipper pockets and a mesh pocket, along with a front pocket at the top for all your small items.

Moreover, this luggage bag comes with adjustable shoulder straps for comfortable and smooth carrying.

The Osprey’s Ozone is also equipped with low-profile handles on three sides of it to grab it quickly to pull and move in any situation.

Plus, it also comes with a pair of built-in, large, sealed-bearing wheels that are dependable and comfortable, as well as a curved, molded base. Then, it will give you excellent mobility and versatility.


Weight6.33 pounds
Capacity50 L
Material420HD Nylon x210D x 630D Nylon Dobby
Dimensions22 x 14 x 9 inches
Laptop dimensionsUp to 17 inches
  • Lightweight and High Quality
  • Convertible backpack system
  • Full suspension system with hip belt
  • Much spacious
  • Less robust

4. Jansport Superbreak Rolling Wheeled Backpack

best rolling backpack for adults

The Jansport Superbreak Rolling Wheeled Backpack is crafted with stable and durable 600-denier polyester fabric material for adults and college students. This rolling backpack for adults is designed to fit all the stuff required for daily use.

Plus, it also has the feature of water-repellent capacity and is further supplemented with an interior coating and zippers. Both will keep your essentials high and dry at all times.

The Jansport Superbreak rolling backpack has a large, open main compartment with plenty of room for books, clothes, and a 16-inch laptop.

For quick access, it has a front zippered utility pocket for housing smaller items. Thus, it also holds the mesh pocket and the side zipper pocket for your water bottle and small items.

The top of the Jansport Superbreak has a padded grab handle for people who need to move the backpack quickly over short distances. 

Similarly, it has a retractable 3-stage rubber handle, which provides ample adjusting capability.

The well-padded shoulder straps can be easily adjusted to fit your personal needs for a comfortable carrying experience.

The highly-durable corner-mounted inline skate wheels will allow the backpack to remain compact without any mobility, be carried smoothly, and roll easily.


Weight6.1 pounds
Capacity33 L
Material600D Polyester
Dimensions19x13x9.5 inches
Laptop dimensions16 inches
  • Pretty reliable for all times
  • Performs substantially
  • Much roomy for storing
  • Available in 30 different colors
  • Giving feminine appearance

5.High Sierra Power-glide Wheeled Laptop Backpack

best rolling laptop backpack for college students

The High Sierra Power-glide is an ideal choice for college students and travel companions when you need plenty of gear. It is the best rolling laptop backpack for college students.

The High Sierra Power-glide rolling backpack is made of 600D polyester waffle weave, a durable material. It looks exquisite and stylish, as well as being available in four different colors.

The high Sierra rolling backpack is a much more roomy backpack with several compartments to keep your books, laptop, notes, and clothes, etc.

The large, fully padded laptop compartment can accommodate a 17-inch laptop and all of your essentials as well. While the multiple pockets keep your essentials safe and organized, there is also a media pocket for your headphone port and favorite music or audiobooks.

It also has a mesh pocket with a zipper, a media pocket with a lid, a pen pocket, a key fob, and zippered side pockets for your water bottle, giving you more space to store things.

Padded S-shaped padded shoulder straps behind a zippered back panel will give you a smooth carrying option when you are on the move.

The High Sierra Power-glide rolling wheeled backpack also features corner-mounted all-terrain style wheels and a molded kick plate, which gives stability and extra protection.

Also, it comes with a telescoping handle that you can pull out and hide. This makes it easy to carry.


Weight6 pounds
Capacity38.5 L
Material600D Polyester Waffle Weave
Dimensions21x 14x 9   inches
Laptop dimensions17 inches
  • Comfortable Wheeling system
  • Much spacious
  • Plenty of compartments
  • Padded shoulder straps
  • Wheels and handrails can be affected

6. J World New York Sunrise Rolling Backpack

best rolling backpack for female college students

J World’s New York Sunrise Rolling Backpack is a great all-around backpack for school and college students with plenty of storage capacity and smooth mobility.

The Sunrise Rolling Backpack is crafted with 600D polyester material that is highly durable and water-resistant.

Additionally, it has ergonomic S-shaped padded adjustable shoulder straps and air mesh cushioned back panels that provide comfort when wearing the backpack. And there are also reflective tapes for nighttime visibility and protection while you are on the move at night.

There is also one main compartment, pencil holders, card holders, two side pockets, a key chain, zipper pockets, and organizers in the front pocket. It will keep your valuables organized and help you keep track of them.

while the roomy main compartment is for your 15.6 inches and has secure access and a zipper-finished inner lining for your comfort.

It has a padded aluminum locking handle that will never rust or corrode and allows a firm, comfortable grip during walking.

Also, unlike the wheels on in-line skates, its soft, smooth wheels will move smoothly and last a long time.


Weight4.5 pounds
Capacity34.5 L
Material600D Polyester
Dimensions18 x 13 x 9 inches
Laptop dimensionsUp to 15.6 inches
  • Spacious backpack and rolls easily
  • Stylish and Practical
  • Wheels are strong and smooth
  • Handle holds two adjustable heights
  • The handle is hard to move up and down

7. SKYMOVE Wheeled Rolling Backpack

best lightweight rolling backpack for college students

The Sky-Move rolling backpack is another great college backpack made from 1200D oxford fabric with a multi-stage aluminum alloy wheel handle. Therefore, it can be used in rainy weather because it does not rust from wetting.

Similarly, the SKYMOVE Wheeled Rolling Backpack is a lightweight bag that can accommodate all the basic stuff you need, such as books, laptops, pens, clothes, etc.

It also holds padded, adjustable shoulder straps and a ventilated back panel and harness to comfort you when moving to school.

It has a main, padded, spacious laptop sleeve large enough to fit your 15.6-inch laptop. Plus, this backpack also features two side pockets and one front pocket for your pencils, keys and flash drivers, etc.

Besides, it also holds an external front compartment with several pockets inside for more items to keep them safe.

Furthermore, the cotton handle on top allows you to move it easily while protecting your books from water dripping.

While it has a special design, the antifouling ability and flipping down the back cushion cover up the wheels to keep clothes clean, dry, and away from getting soiled.


Weight4.6 pounds
Capacity45 L
Material1200D oxford fabric + aluminum
Dimensions19 x 13 x 8 inches
Laptop dimensionsUp to 15.6 inches
  • Multi-stage wheel handle
  • Plenty of storage capacity
  • Looks durable and holds up well
  • Versatile and easy to pull
  • No organizer panel

8. High Sierra Chaser Wheeled Laptop Backpack

best rolling bag for college students

High Sierra Chaser is crafted with Duralite 600-denier fabric and is a very durable, water-resistant backpack that will keep your items dry and protected.

The High Sierra Book Bag has a large size with multiple compartments and pockets that will allow you to keep your valuables like books, supplies, and clothes safe and organized.

The front compartment is zippered, which is ideal for your solution. 17-inch laptop, books, and much more.

The organizer compartment has plenty of pockets, such as a zippered mesh pocket and pen pockets. It also has a lidded media pocket for your portable and headphone ports, as well as a key fob hook for safely storing all of your small items.

Similarly, it has a side pocket for your drinking items, like beverages, and to keep you hydrated.

Furthermore, the contoured, adjustable mesh-padded shoulder straps that tuck away inside the padded back panel are included with the High Sierra rolling bag for college students. It will give you a lot of relaxation while you are on the move.

It holds a retractable telescoping handle that can be easily extended and closed with the click of a button.

Apart from all this, there is a pair of smooth-rolling, corner-mounted skate-style wheels with protective corner guards, which give smooth and stable travel over a flat surface.


Weight4.06 pounds
Capacity29.5 L
Material600D Dura-lite fabric
Dimensions20 x 13.5 x 8 inches
Laptop dimensionsUp to 17 inches
  • Spacious and sturdy backpack
  • Rolls very easily
  • The telescoping handle is comfortable
  • Straps and handle can be hidden out of sight
  • For some users little bit heavy

9. Targus Compact Rolling Backpack for College Student

best wheeled bag for college students

The Targus Compact rolling backpack is crafted with durable polyester and a neoprene grab handle. And it is just as durable or water-resistant as nylon.

This backpack has a large main compartment with a large dedicated padded pocket and separate document storage space, and it protects your 17-inch laptop. Plus, there is an extra dedicated soft-lined tablet sleeve over the front compartment, which is perfect for carrying more electronic gadgets.

The front compartment of this section has numerous storage slots, which are great for keeping mobile phones, pens, calculators, and other small items.

While inside the main compartment, you will see elastic clothing straps for the protection of your gear when you are on the move.

It also has two additional side mesh pockets and one zippered pocket for keys and other small items.

It has very comfortable shoulder straps that have elasticity and can be adjusted according to the size of the shoulder.

This bag also features breathable mesh on the inside of the shoulder straps that will provide ease during hot days.

There is also a retractable wheel handle so you can easily roll it around. It will not get indirect while the in-line skate wheels are spinning and you keep the cover over the wheels.


Weight4 pounds
Capacity29 L
MaterialPolyester / Neoprene
Dimensions13.80 x 9.00 x 19.00 inches
Laptop dimensionsUp to 17 inches
  • Durable and spacious backpack
  • Smooth-rolling wheels
  • Comfortable shoulder straps
  • Internal elastic straps
  • It holds a limited lifetime warranty

10. High Sierra Xbt-Business Laptop Backpack

best rolling backpack for teachers

The High Sierra XBT business laptop backpack is highly-durable and lightweight, with ample storage capacity for all your needs.

This rolling backpack is made of mini waffle ripstop Duralite fabric with water-resistant capability. It is the best rolling backpack for teachers with high-end features. 

This extensive backpack features multiple compartments, including one big main compartment that is fully padded and can fix your 17-inch laptop.

Plus, it also has a dedicated Tech-Spot sleeve for smaller electronic items and has a zipper pocket, and a key clip.

There are also plenty of other pockets for all your accessories that can fit enough clothes for many days. It also has extra features like side compression straps and mesh water bottle pockets, as well as a front panel.

This laptop rolling backpack comes with non-slip shoulder pads and is ergonomically designed to disperse weight more efficiently, and the suspended Airflow back panel makes your back fresh. And this laptop backpack also features a wheel handle for rolling the bag conveniently.

The in-line skate wheels perform their job well, and you can easily carry it over the ground without any hindrance. 


Weight4.5 pounds
Capacity39 L
MaterialMini waffle ripstop Duralite fabric
Dimensions19.5 x 13 x 7 inches
Laptop dimensionsUp to 17 inches
  • Everything is easily accessible
  • Great for organization
  • A very versatile bag
  • No sternum strap

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What is the best rolling backpack for students?

The best-rolling backpacks for students are High Sierra, JanSport, Osprey, J World, and Targus, which are also mentioned in the list.
All these backpacks are rolling with functional wheels for comfortable carrying. So, you can carry heavy items in your backpack without any hassle.

Do college students use rolling backpacks?

Yes, most college students use rolling backpacks in their colleges. The main reason for using rolling backpacks is that most students cannot carry bags on their backs for a longer time. Another reason is that most students use these backpacks as fashion.

Are rolling backpacks better?

Yes, rolling backpacks are much better to be used for college. Everyone prefers rolling backpacks over other bags because they allow you to carry items over long distances. Rolling backpacks are versatile and can be used for different purposes.

What is the best backpack with wheels?

The best backpacks with wheels have several benefits for the users. The bags with wheels help people to carry their baggage comfortably. The High Sierra backpacks are the best backpacks with wheels in the aspect of durability, versatility, productivity, and much more.

Final words:

To sum up, after reading this article about the top 10 best rolling backpacks for college, We are dead sure that you will now be aware of the best rolling backpacks for college students that are available in different sizes and shapes.

Then, because the backpack has different capacities and is large enough to meet the needs of college students, you will be able to choose a wheeled backpack that meets your needs.

All the rolling backpacks that are listed above are made from high-quality materials. And you must check the weight capacity and the compartments and pockets available that are perfect for your valuables.

And lastly, each of these 10 best rolling backpacks for college students is budget-friendly. Luckily, this article is for your guidance and will address all your problems regarding a rolling backpack for students.