Top 19 Best Sling Bags for Men in 2022

Best sling bags for men

If you’re striving for enhancing your appearance by the addition of a backpack, then you should definitely go for the best sling bag. Yes! Sling backpacks are the best source that makes you look more handsome and enchanting. 

Nowadays, people are lacking their interest in backpacks due to their wearing style and structure. Rather, they are attracted to shoulder bags, due to their lightweight and the perfect size. These bags offer you easy and quick access to the items along with comfortable wearing. 

Whether, it’s an office meeting, or a casual outing with your friends, or hiking on a mountain, these prove to be your best companions and make a nice impression. Men may carry their laptops, gadgets, mobile phones, keys, chargers, passports, wallets, water bottles, and many other items in their cross-body sling bag

In order to have it for yourself, you have to search for a perfect one that can full fill your requirements. For this purpose, here are some best sling bags for men which could be carried outdoor.

Best Sling Bags for Men (Top 5) Quick Comparison Table

For your time-saver, we have a quick comparison between the top 5 super men’s sling bags, you can pick one of them for yourself or your best buddies

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Top 19 Best Sling Bags for Men in 2022

RUSH MOAB 10 Tactical sling bag- Best for military use


Top 19 Best Sling Bags for Men in 2022

Champion stealth sling backpack- Best for athletes


Top 19 Best Sling Bags for Men in 2022

Osprey Daylite shoulder sling- Top quality shoulder bag


Top 19 Best Sling Bags for Men in 2022

Fitdom large Tactical Sling bag for men- Most stylish bag


Top 19 Best Sling Bags for Men in 2022

WATERFLY Cross-body sling bag- Best for travel


1. RUSH MOAB 10 Tactical sling bag- Best for military use

Best military sling bag for men

If you’re a military person and need a sling backpack for yourself, then you should have a glance at this MOAB 10 shoulder bag.

As it’s understood that a military pack is usually loaded with weapons and other equipment, therefore you expect it to be quite large and spacious. Your such expectation can be fulfilled by this bag as its 18L.

It’s designed as follows,

  • The sling backpack is water-resistant.
  • It’s made up of high-quality material i.e 100% nylon.
  • Carrie’s large amount of materials because of being roomy.
  • If you overload it, you may get your neck hurt.

2. Champion stealth sling backpack- Best for athletes 

best sling bag for athletes

The champion sling bag is specially designed for athletes to make their routine smooth and comfortable. It’s spacious enough to hold the desired gear i.e headgear, swimsuit or workout top, and bottom, foam rollers, mat, etc. Even, you can fit a MacBook pro 13″ in it.

  • It consists of two large main compartments.
  • Two small front pockets, one is zipped and the other has magnetic closures.
  • Marked by inner zip pockets and slip.
  • Consists of a haul loop and branded zippers

This bag also sounds perfect for students as it can carry all the belongings of a student like a laptop and its charger, notebooks, stationary in the smaller pockets, eatables, water bottle, etc.

  • This Men’s cross-body sling bag is compatible to right and left shoulder.
  • The straps are good enough to fit perfectly on your back and front.
  • Top-quality material is used for its manufacturing
  • It takes time to close the magnetic pocket as the magnetic portions of the flap are to be matched, first.

3. Osprey Daylite shoulder sling- Top quality shoulder bag

Top quality shoulder bag

whenever you go outside you have to carry a few daily essentials along with you.  For this, surely!  you’ll prefer a shoulder bag instead, grabbing the gear in your hands. Here is the Osprey Daylite sling backpack, which can provide you with its best services.

It’s made up of 100% nylon and a breathable, awesome-shaped shoulder strap. It perfectly fits on your shoulder, next-to-skin. 

The compartments are manufactured in a well-organized manner, 

  • A front zipper pocket for holding smaller contents.
  • A large, dual U-shaped zip compartment marked by key clip and interior mesh organizer.
  • Harness pocket for quick access to smaller items.
  • A mesh cushion is present at the backside.
  • The back and squishy straps are quite comfortable to be worn.
  • Lavishly designed due to which you look smarter after wearing it.
  • Suitable for your right shoulder only, means that you can’t wear it on your left shoulder perfectly.

 4. Fitdom large Tactical Sling bag for men- Most stylish bag

Most stylish sling bag

Are you the one always striving to look classy and different from others by molding your physical appearance? Yeah! you may be, in this case, you’re recommended a chic designed Fitdom Tactical bag.

This is the best sling backpack for men that not only offers you the style but also provides a quality material ( polyester and branded zippers). Moreover, it’s much more functional due to its structure and compartments.

It can be worn in different styles, as a fanny waist pack, chest bag, and on your back as a cross-body bag. By the way, it suits most when worn on the chest.

  • Well-organized roomy compartments.
  • Possess scratch and water-resistant fabric.
  • A 550 paracord bracelet is there for handling in a hurry.
  • Marked by adjustable straps.
  • There should be more padding on the strap for the sake of comfort.

 5. WATERFLY Cross-body sling bag- Best for travel

best sling bag for travel

This cross-body sling bag is made up of 100% Nylon and polyester lining. It is designed to keep everything in order.

It consists of a breathable back, that avoids sweating. 

Both large and small compartments are there for placing the stuff.

  • Adjustable reversible shoulder strap designed with 3D rings.
  • Quick and easy access to your phone.
  • Convenient to wear on your right and left shoulder.
  • Straps need to adjust constantly.

 6. Mygreen Canvas cross-body Messenger bag – Perfect day carry bag

perfect day carry sling bag for men

Mygreen Canvas is a versatile men’s cross-body bag that comes in various fascinating colors. I’m sure, you’ll fall in love with its unique design and leather decoration. Moreover, it’s made up of excellent material- pretty much soft and durable.

The size is quite large for a 13 inches laptop or tablet to fit in. The convertible shoulder straps are present, having a zipper on them. This makes you wear it in two styles.

  • When the zipper is closed, you can use it as a sling bag.
  • When the zipper is open, it’s used as a messenger backpack.

Let’s see some features of this bag,

  • Possess plenty of pockets.
  • A side, elastic banded mesh pocket for a water bottle.
  • A magnetic pocket on the right side.
  • An open pocket under the front flap.
  • Best to carry outdoor, hiking, traveling, climbing, cycling.
  • It’s a water resistance messenger bag.
  • A great quality bag for backpackers and students also, due to its roomy nature.
  • The zipper on the strap is found poor.

7. Kingsons anti-theft single shoulder laptop bag

best anti theft sling backpack for men

Usually, office-going men are in search of such a bag that can hold their laptop. For them, the Kingson shoulder bag is the best option. Moreover, it could be used as a school bag for placing books and for short travel, hikes, sports, etc.

Its made up of high-quality polyester with tear-resistant and water-repellent abilities. There are remarkable features possessed by these shoulder backpacks,

  • The USB charging port, for charging your mobile phone.
  • Back hidden anti-theft pockets.
  • Suction cups are present on the strap, to secure the mobile phone.
  • A clipped cotton bladder is present inside the large compartment to provide safety for the laptop or notebooks.
  • Various highly organized compartments provide easy and quick access to objects.
  • Comfortable back with soft ventilated padding and padded shoulder.
  • It’s modeled for the right shoulder only.

8. Canvas Sling backpack- small Crossbody Backpack- Best for hiking

best canvas day hiking sling bag

Canvas shoulder pack is a multi-functional bag that comprises convertible straps for wearing it both as a backpack and cross-body sling bag. Gives you an adorable look due to its compact chic design.

It consists of an appreciable amount of pockets and compartments.

  • Side bottle pocket 
  • Mini front zipper pocket.
  • One front compartment contains a phone, pen, and cardholder.
  • The main roomy compartment can fit a 10.2 inches tablet.
  • Made up of high density, scratch-resistant Canvas material.
  • Breathable fiber that provides relief.
  • Provides a large capacity for storing gear.
  • It has a foul smell when newly purchased.

9. NeatPack Versatile Canvas sling bag- Best for hiking

best men's hiking sling bag

It’s a versatile sling backpack with an unbeatable storage capacity. This sling backpack is considered best for traveling due to its roomy nature. It can store books, clothes, gadgets, water bottles, and laptops.

Moreover, it provides a number of ways to wear it i.e over the shoulder, at the back, or front.

The canvas shoulder bag is made up of durable and water-repellent polyester along with branded zippers.

  • The strap contains a cell phone pouch with a headphone hole.
  • Hidden anti-theft pocket.
  • Straps are switchable to both sides.
  • Comfortable soft padded shoulder strap.
  • There are safety light reflective strips.
  • Not effective in heavy rainfall.

10. WATERFLY Sling backpack- Best for sports

best sling bag for sports

WATERFLY sling bag is modishly designed for sportsmen and daily use purposes. It’s a perfect waterproof bag, especially a zipper pocket at the bottom is designed for carrying wet objects like umbrellas or a wet towel.

The compartment system is also satisfactory,

  • Possess a total of 7 pockets.
  • Plenty of mesh pockets are there for holding smaller items.
  • The large main compartment can hold books and a laptop of 9.7″.
  • A side bottle pocket.
  • Two smaller pockets on the back and strap.
  • Earphone holes are present for listening to music.
  • The fiber is anti-friction and water repellent.
  • The bottle holder pocket is a bit loose

11. NICGID chest shoulder backpacks- Best for laptops and students

best sling backpack for laptop and students

If you’re an office worker or a student then this sling bag is best for you. It’s quite sizeable with ample storage space. The messenger bag is lightweight and durable. The shoulder straps and top handle are much more comfortable due to their padded nature. 

It’s a multipurpose bag that can be used for traveling, camping, hiking, sports, office and school supplies, etc.

Here are some specifications of the NICGID sling bag,

  • 1 cell phone pocket with headphone cable hole.
  • 3 pen holders
  • There are two front pockets under the flap.
  • One back anti-theft pocket.
  • Side mesh pocket for placing umbrella and water bottle.
  • The main compartment is enough spacious to fit a 14.1 inches laptop.
  • Another compartment is there to hold an iPad up to 10.5 inches.
  • It’s made up of water-resistant fiber.
  • Contains a sunglass holder strap and secure buckles.
  • Plastic connectors may fall off if misused.

12. MOSISO Sling backpack

most charming sling bag for men

MOSISO is a good-looking and attractive sling backpack, made up of polyester-top quality material. It’s a lightweight and slim shoulder bag.

A great variety of pockets are there to store the items. The larger compartment is capable of holding an iPad Pro 11″. 

  • It’s modishly designed, which gives an alluring look when worn.
  • The cross-body bag is water-resistant, therefore, perfect for traveling, camping, biking, hiking, etc.
  • The lining of the strap may undergo unraveling.

13. Y&R Direct sling bag- Best for travel

best travel sling bag for boys

Are you here to find an everyday use shoulder bag? Then, what are you waiting for? Go and buy a Y&R Direct sling backpack for yourself. It’ll be a perfect match for you either, you are going for walking, college, biking or small day hiking, due to its water-resistant ability.

It’s lightweight and made up of high-quality nylon, which is quite durable. The surface is scratch-resistant and easy to wash.

The comfort level of this cross-body backpack is also remarkable. It won’t stress you, even if it’s carried all day. This is because it possesses padded shoulder straps and a breathable mesh back panel. 

Moreover, it consists of four large internal components. The largest one is capable of holding a small laptop/ iPad/ jacket or other clothing etc.

  • It’s the best small sling bag for men for traveling because of being compact and has various zippers.
  • Straps are much easier to adjust.
  • Fits the petite person perfectly and fulfills all the necessities.
  • Can be used by both right and left-handed people.
  • Not perfect for long hiking, as it can’t hold many clothes and items.

14. LST Cross-body chest backpack- Gym fashion bag

best gym sling bag for bodybuilders

LST is the best cross-body bag for men, especially for those who are fond of gymnastics. They can carry all the related essentials of the gym with themselves in it. Due to its adjustable strap, its consider a multi-purpose sling bag i.e chest bag, shoulder bag, and cross-body backpack.

It’s made water-resistant by using anti-water material. Moreover, it is marked by a breathable back and straps which, avoid you from heating.

The compartments’ system is also satisfactory, as they provide the good organization of the objects inside the bag. 

It’s enough roomy to hold a water bottle, weight belt, workout gloves, small towel for absorbing sweat, and earphones.

  • A line hole is there for easy charging of your phone and listening to music with earphones through it.
  • The direction of the shoulder strap can easily be changed from left to right.
  • A mini stylish bag that can be carried every day.
  • The best option for carrying small gear inside it.
  • Can resist the rainfall, so consider best for biking, walking, and other outdoor activities.
  • Not much better for heavy rainfalls.
  • The buckles are a bit flimsy.

15. TINYAT Chest shoulder pack 

best crossbody bag for men

TINYAT, is a cross-body bag for men which is perfect for any occasion and never out of fashion. It gives a cool look after wearing it. It’s made up of durable and sturdy polyester.

It consists of the following features,

  • A comparable large main compartment, which can hold a first aid box, cell phone, and some clothes. Also, a pocket is there, that can fit a mini iPad or a small tablet inside it.
  • A hidden front pocket to secure your belongings.
  • Another compartment is marked with card slots, key hooks, mesh pockets, and pen sleeves.
  • A headphone cable hole, for listening to music.
  • Contains a magnetic iron buckle.
  • Adjustable straps, that allow you to wear on whichever shoulder you want.
  • It’s a versatile bag that can be worn in multiple styles.
  • The bag is waterproof.
  • Regular adjustments to the strap are required.

16. OZUKU sling backpack- provides the best security

best anti theft sling bag for men

While carrying gear along with us anywhere, we are usually worried about its safety and protection.

For this security, OZUKU is the best option. It comprises lockable zippers and anti-theft pockets.

The shoulder straps are much more comfortable to be carried. Its reflective design makes your valuables safe and secure.

  • Password lock for a safe and sound journey.
  • Made of waterproof and high-quality oxford fiber.
  • Breathable mesh with high-density foam.
  • The pocket strap is without zippers.

17. Altura-photo sling backpack- Best for DSLR and mirrorless cameras

best sling bag for camera

If you’re a photographer and travel to different places for making documentaries, then the Altura photo camera sling bag should be your one and only choice. This is the most unique shoulder bag ever found, due to its unusual but attractive design. 

The main compartment consists of various small padded sections or dividers, for placing different kinds of cameras and related pieces of equipment. Mesh pockets are there to hold smaller items. An easy-access zippered side door leads to the main compartment.

  • Padded straps allow the pack to rotate to the front and back of the body.
  • The bag is compatible with Sony, Pentax, Canon, Olympus, and other DSLRs.
  • Offers 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • Padding on the straps is found poor, as it’s only on a short portion.

18. AOTIAN unisex sling backpack – Canvas Mini sling bag for men 10L 

best mini sling bag for men

Are you looking for a perfect waterproof mini cross-body bag for outdoor activities? If yes, CANVAS should be preferred. Its surface is covered by a sturdy waxy coating while the shoulder strap head is made up of cow leather.

Moreover, it comes with flaps that can contract and expand the storage capacity of this men’s cross-body bag. You may use it freely for climbing, camping, cycling, hiking, and other outings.

  • It can fit a 9.7-inch iPad in the main compartment.
  • The back pocket can hold a smartphone of 5.2 inches.
  • Marked by high-quality zippers.
  • Comes with 2 years warranty.
  • Can fit on your both, right and left shoulders.
  • Ability to withstand moderate rainfall.
  • Its appearance seems to be a little old (retro style).

19. Mark Ryden Anti-theft sling chest bag- Best for office workers

best sling bag for office workers

Mark Ryden is a well-structured compact sling chest bag. It possesses excellent and remarkable features that are given below,

  • Contains a 3D back breathable sponge pad that provides comfort and cool.
  • The shoulder strap consists of lock buckles on both sides.
  • Multiple pockets are designed on the front and backside of the bag.
  • The main compartment contains a layer that can hold an 11″ iPad pro.
  • A suction cup area on the strap for fixing the mobile.
  • An external USB port for charging.

This shoulder bag is suitable for men to carry along with themselves to the office, school, business, sports, or other occasions.

  • It has an awesome ability to resist water during rainfall.
  • Source of fashion and style.
  • Lightweight and comfortable to carry.
  • The USB charger may cause some trouble.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What should every man carry in his sling backpack?

There’s no doubt that men’s shoulder backpacks are so trendy. These come in delicate and modish designs, that provide a charming look to men when worn. They are very practical and easy to wear.

Are men’s cross-body sling bags in style?

There’s no doubt that men’s shoulder backpacks are so trendy. These come in delicate and modish designs, that provide a charming look to men when worn. They are very practical and easy to wear.

What is a Tactical sling backpack?

A tactical sling backpack is best for hiking and streetwear. This pack is designed for easy access to objects especially on the battlefield, therefore military men are preferred to choose it. Moreover, it can also hold routine gear.


In the end, I hope you’ve found these men’s cross-body bags quite beneficial. Now, without wasting your time just rush towards your nearest store to purchase the best sling backpack for yourself, or order it online from the above-provided links. 

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