Top 22 Best Sling Bags for Women in 2022

Best sling bags for women

Backpacks are not considered much accessible due to their structure. Because, you have to take it off every time you need something out from it, which may exasperate you. That’s why backpacks are replaced by sling bags. Sling backpacks are admired due to their modish style and compact size.

Mostly, women love to carry branded sling purses with them as an obligate accessory. As they give them an alluring and classy look, no doubt every lady wants to look adorable. Despite fashion, shoulder bags are much handy to women, for example

  • A large one could be used to carry laptops or kids’ accessories while traveling.
  • An average one could be used to put the cosmetics, that is often carried everywhere.
  • A mini one that’s a messenger bag could be used for putting wallet, passport, Id card, mobile, etc.

If you are wondering about some best sling bags for women, then consider the following list, it’ll be quite useful to you.

Top 5 Best Sling Bags for Women – (Quick Comparison Table)

The following table shows a comparison between our top 5 best sling bags for ladies, you can pick one of them according to your requirements.

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Top 22 Best Sling Bags for Women in 2022

KAVU ROPE BAG– Best quality Pack


Top 22 Best Sling Bags for Women in 2022

LOVEVOOK sling bag – Top quality


Top 22 Best Sling Bags for Women in 2022

Leather Inc women sling backpack purse- Best for daily travels


Top 22 Best Sling Bags for Women in 2022

Leather sling bag- Best as a Daypack


Top 22 Best Sling Bags for Women in 2022

WATERFLY Sling Backpack- Best for Sports


1. KAVU ROPE BAG– Best quality Pack

top quality sling bag for women

KAVU Rope Bag is designed as an outdoor bag for adventure i.e camping and hiking. Its made up of 100% cotton, with an adjustable shoulder strap and padded back. These packs come with varied delicate colors and wonderful embroidery, that make them suitable for ladies. The size and number of compartments are quite satisfactory,

  • Contains two spacious, zipped compartments which have enough capacity to put clothes, water bottles, and food.
  • Two mini front pockets- for keeping mobile phone, wallets, passport, and other small items.
  • The rope straps are soft and sturdy and the fabric quality is awesome.
  • Also, these are light-weighted and distributes the weight properly
  • It’s not waterproof, so it may end up with soggy materials inside it after rain

2. Vera Bradley Women’s recycled reactive sling backpack

Women’s recycled reactive sling backpack

This bag is made up of light fabric, that is much soft to touch. A recycled lighten-up backpack is made from recycled bottles. It’s the perfect size to carry out with you.

  • ·Features 2 front zipped compartments
  • Mobile phone and pen slips
  • 1 hidden zip opens to a large compartment.
  • D-ring for hanging the keys.
  • It comes in many nice and decent colors i.e blue and gray.
  • Adjustable shoulder pack along with a buckle is present.
  • It’s perfect for students’ use.
  • It only perfectly fits on your left shoulder.

3. KAVU Rope sling – cross-body bag, Best quality

rope sling bag for women

Made from 100% polyester, the best quality material. A vast variety of colors and prints is available, with matched rope straps. It’s comfortable to carry on your back in a diagonal position due to its padded surface, which prevents pricking of the objects on your back. Moreover, it perfectly fits a petite person also. The storage capacity is also fine.

  • Two roomy vertical zip compartments
  • Front pouch
  • Mobile phone zip pocket on the front
  • It’s the best quality travel cross-body bag, providing enough space for placing water bottles, food, clothes, gadgets, etc.
  • Also, it’s waterproof.
  • It’s difficult to access the objects from one of the two large compartments while wearing.
  • The straps are not padded, providing an uncomfortable lump of material.

4. VERA BRADLEY Recycled mini sling backpack – Best for students

mini sling bag for women

Vera  Bradley is a recycled, lightweight, cross-body bag. It features the best quality fabric, which is water repellent. The zippers are sturdy and the pulls are enough large for easy grabbing. The compartments are well-organIzed,

  • A large-sized pocket- for putting books.
  • 2 front zip pockets with phone slip, pen slips, and D-ring for hanging keys.
  • Removable strap system that can be adjusted.

These backpacks are mainly structured for school students.

  • It saves the items inside it to be wet in case of contact with water.
  • It’s mini-sized, the one who requires a small one should prefer it.
  • It doesn’t allow you to place your iPhone in the outer pocket due to its smaller size.

5. Osprey Daylite shoulder sling- Best for Travel

best travel sling bag for women

Daylite shoulder pack is preferred to carry, to the store, hiking or school, carrying few daily essentials in it. It fits perfectly on your shoulder, next-to-skin. The size of the straps is perfect for women to fit them. It consists of various mesh pockets.

  • A  large, dual u shaped zip pocket is present that consists of an interior mesh organizer and key clip.
  • Harness pocket for easy access to smaller contents.
  • A front zipper pocket is enough for putting smaller items.
  • It’s quite comfortable to be carried due to the mesh cushion on its backside and squishy straps.
  • The only drawback about this shoulder bag is that the zipper is on the top, it should be on the side to avoid falling out of items.

6. LOVEVOOK sling bag – Top quality

best sling bag for ladies

Lovevook is a perfect vacation bag, you can carry a large amount of stuff in it due to its roomy compartments. This can be used as a backpack, shoulder, and cross-body bag, because of the convertible nature of its straps.

Moreover, there are plenty of rooms for placing different items i.e books, laptops, iPods, water bottles, etc. which allows easy access to the items.  The material used for the manufacture of the bag is awesome,  scratch resistance and much durable.

  • The size is just perfect, not too big or small, and nicely designed.
  •  Great for trips up to 5 days, women can carry their kids’ accessories easily in it.
  • It’s not waterproof.
  • If you’re petite, then the straps may be enough long for you even after adjustment and you have to knot it for comfortable wearing.

7. Leaper Canvas Messenger Bag- Best outdoor sling pack

best messenger sling bag for women

Searching for a messenger bag, with an excellent variety of compartments? Then, leaper canvas can serve you its best. Have a look at the features that make it extraordinary,

  • Made up of soft and easily washed PU leather.
  • Well stitched, that makes it durable.
  • Two compartments are present under the flap.
  • The flap owns buckle and magnetic snap closure, which provides security.
  • Presence of many small mesh pockets i.e,
  • Two side pockets for placing mobile phone.
  • The plus point is that more than one size is available.
  • Easy to organize the objects in the messenger pack.
  • Enough roomy to fit your belongings.
  • Adjustable padded shoulder straps make comfortable wearing.
  • The straps may loosen, so you have to adjust it at a time whenever needed.

8. Baggallini Naples convertible backpack- STYLISH

stylish sling bag

The baggallini NAPLES convertible backpack is a multifaceted and voguish pack, providing an elegant look when worn by girls. Made up of crinkle nylon and light-weighted. There’re well-designed pockets providing enough room for putting your Stuff in order.

  • Consists of three front rooms, including hidden slip pockets for mobile phones.
  • A large compartment along with mesh pockets for gadgets and water bottles etc. 
  • It’s a water-resistant and an anti-theft pack.
  • Allows diverse wearing styles, i.e sling purse, cross-body, and backpack.
  • The strap may slip from your shoulder when used as a sling purse, in case you’re petite.

9. Outdoor Master sling bag

best outdoor sling bag for girls

Looking for a trusty companion for your daily adventures, short height, or for traveling? Then this twelve L sling backpack is here for you. It’s super compact along with a reversible padded shoulder strap.

  • Possess an antitheft, small water bottle, and strap pocket.
  • It can hold enough items such as a tablet up to 12.5 inches.
  • Contains a padded reversible shoulder strap.
  • It’s a water repellent pack.
  • The padded straps avoid sweating and give comfort.
  • Fits a handsome amount of items in it.
  • You may not adjust a large-sized water bottle in it’s side pocket.

10. Ambry Rope sling bag- Best for Hiking

best for hiking sling backpack

The rope sling backpack is compact enough to carry your essentials for traveling and hiking. If you’re wondering to carry a small laptop in your sling pack, then this bag should be considered. It possesses amazing features,

  • It comprises two vertical zip compartments, security or anti-theft pocket, and two small outer pockets for holding phone.
  • Presence of a water bottle pocket, with hidden bottle holder.
  • Contains a padded back, which lasts a comfortable effect on your back.
  • The colors and patterns of the bag are wonderful.
  • Its much durable and form-fitting shape.
  • Straps are made up of braided elastic instead of rope, this provides you an easy wearing.
  • The smaller pocket may not fit a larger mobile phone eg, iphone 10 plus.

11. Tudequ Cross-body backpack- Hiking daypack

best day hiking sling bag for women

It has remarkable features that you’ll love to have in your backpack. There’re enough well-organized rooms in it, which allows easy access to objects. The details of the compartments and design are as follows,

  • The main compartment can easily fit a tablet up to 12 inches.
  • Presence of a water-resistant pocket for your essentials.
  • A water bottle pocket is present.
  • Cell phone pouch along with headphone slot.
  • Anti-theft zipped pocket.
  • External USB charging port                                            
  • Key hanging hook is also available
  • Available in a variety of colors.
  • Mesh padding and breathable strap provide comfort.
  • It allows the stuffing of clothes and shoes inside it, which makes it the best travel and hiking sling backpack.
  • Easy to slide on the front, when sitting on the bus.
  • The zippers are found  non-durable.

12. OSOCE Anti-theft shoulder backpack- Travel backpack

best antitheft sling bag

It’s a slim and formfitting cross-body sling bag, made up of water-resistant fabric. The bag is organized with multiple pockets at various angles. It’s marked by adjustable straps and total 5 sections, that are

  • Side zip pocket
  • Front zip pocket
  • Card pocket
  • iPhone exclusive
  • A large section for placing comparatively large items such as 7.5-inch iPad.
  • It’s best travel, Sport, hiking, camping, cycling, business, and college backpack.
  • The plus point Is that it stays Slim fit even when it’s full. This provides you an alluring look and lasts a comfortable effect on you.
  • Moreover, you can perfectly wear it on your front to avoid being theft.
  • It’s only suitable for small essentials, you can’t Stuff larger items in it.

13. OZUKU sling backpack

best waterproof sling bag

Are you worried about your safety and protection during traveling, hiking, or other outdoor activities? I’m sure you’re.

For this, OZUKU is the perfect option. Its especially built-in features like lockable zippers and anti-theft pocket offer extra security and comfort.

The reflective design and shoulder strap relieves your shoulder stress and keep your backpack items safe and secure.

  • Double buckle design with carabiner
  • Made of wear-resistant and high-quality oxford fabric
  • Contains hidden anti-theft pocket for extra security and protection
  • Hidden anti-theft pocket on the back with USB charging
  • Breathable mesh with high-density foam
  • Password lock for secure traveling
  • The pocket strap didn’t have a zipper

14. WATERFLY Sling Backpack- Best for Sports

best sling bag for sports

The chest bag is modishly designed, having a perfect shape. The compartment system is quite satisfactory.

  • Possess a total of 7 pockets.
  • The larger one can hold up to 9.7 inches of tablets or books.
  • Several inner mesh pockets are present for holding smaller items.
  • Presence of side bottle pocket and two small pockets on back and strap.
  • The surface of the sling backpack is Anti- friction and water repellent. 
  • Earphone holes are present.
  • A zipper pocket at the bottom is designed to be waterproof, for placing wet objects, especially an umbrella.
  • The bottle holder pocket is somewhat loose, so needs little adjustments by yourself.

15. MOSISO sling backpack

best multi-pocket sling bag

It’s polyester, a lightweight, slim shoulder bag. Multi-function pockets are present to hold the stuff.

  • Side mesh pockets for holding umbrella and water bottle.
  • Buckles are available to hang clothes i.e towels.
  • Adjustable strap marked with hook and breathable soft polyester.
  • The bag is waterproof, which makes it perfect for outdoor i.e, hiking, camping, biking, etc.
  • It’s quite stylish, which gives a charming look.
  • The straps come with a buckle, for the better adjustment of length.
  • The lining of the strap may undergo unraveling, the hanging threads may five an awful effect.

16. Nicgid sling bag

ladies sling bag

Almost everyone aims for the best quality while purchasing any product. Nicgid shoulder bag is made up of high-quality nylon material that is quite reliable.

The main compartment consists of varied sizes of mini pockets, for the orderly arrangement of your contents.

  • Marked by switchable and breathable straps, that leave less stress on your shoulder.
  • One hidden anti-theft pocket is present at back, for placing cards, cash, passport, etc.
  • A Mesh pocket is present for holding a bottle or umbrella.
  • Easy to find the objects, in the pack.
  • Zippers need to be handled with great care, otherwise, it may result in a breakdown.

17. Leather Inc women sling backpack purse- Best for daily travels

best for daily travel sling backpack

This branded sling backpack for ladies is designed uniquely. It’s a convertible bag, you can wear it on both shoulders like a backpack and also on one shoulder as a sling pack. The presence of metal hardware enhances the appearance of the bag and makes it more stylish.

  • You can have this bag in light brown, dark brown and black color.
  • 7 compartments of different sizes, ranging from small, medium to the large main compartment. The main compartment provides a larger capacity to hold items.
  • Quick and convenient adjustable shoulder straps.
  • It’s a great roomy and sturdy sling backpack purse.
  • Fits perfectly on your back, and provides an adorable look to you.
  • Perfect choice for girls and women.
  • The lining of the bag may ripe out if handled improperly.

18. REEBOW GEAR Tactical sling backpack- Best for military use

best military sling bag
  • This sling backpack offers comfortable and adjustable shoulder straps.
  • It provides the facility of holding 1-2 handguns in a specific compartment.
  • Enough space for carrying 9.7 inch iPad, cell phone, water bottle, notepad, flashlight, wallet, power bank etc.
  • Excellent construction of compartments, that provides plenty of room and easy access to items.
  • The material used for manufacture is strong, along with solid zippers.
  • It’s much durable and comfortable due to its awesome quality.
  • The main compartment is enough roomy to carry a large number of items.
  • The soft top handle is perfect for carrying the sling pack in your hand.
  • It’s made for right-handed people only, which means it’s shaped to adjust on your right shoulder.

19. Lecxci outdoor chest sling bag- Best for camping

best sling bag for camping

Lecxci chest bag is lightweight and made of 100% waterproof nylon. It owns extraordinary structure and features, let’s have a look at some.

  • Consists of a breathable ribbon that aids in reducing sweat and increases comfort.
  • A sturdy water bottle pocket is present on the side.
  • The strap contains a mobile pocket, which allows easy access to it.
  • The surface of a bag is scratch-proof.
  • The bag is specially manufactured for camping, hiking, traveling, and biking.
  • Best for mini iPad and all cell phones.
  • Offers  great quality at a reasonable price.
  • The bag is not completely waterproof

20. Leather sling bag- Best as a Daypack

best sling daypack

The leather sling bag is made up of cowhide genuine leather. It possesses remarkable features, such as

  • Top-quality zippers
  • Five zipped pockets i.e one side pocket, one on the back, and three front pockets, are present.
  • It can hold enough items i.e, cell phone, iPhone xs max, earphones, books, cards, pens, flashlight, chargers, and so many others.
  • Best constructed and much comfortable to carry.
  • It can be used as a travel, outdoor, hiking, camping, and sports bag.
  • It’s a beautifully crafted leather pack, that offers you an alluring look.
  • It’s not much durable.

21. Puma No 1 Logo sidewall sling- cheap in price

cheap sling bag for women

Its made up of polyester and is available in two colors i.e black and silver. It’s marked by an adjustable strap and branded zipper pulls. The dimensions are, 10 inches horizontal and 18 inches vertical. It has three zippers, two small ones, and one large-sized zipper.

  • The size is perfect for kids, hiking, biking, and walking.
  • It’s comfortable to carry.
  • The larger compartment doesn’t contain mesh pockets for easy access and the front pocket is extra flat. In short, it’s not well-structured.

22. Rullar sling bags- messenger pack

best leather sling bag

These are adjustable, chic bags that are made up of smooth PU leather. Some main features of these murses are as follows,

  • Branded, smooth and durable zippers.
  • One main compartment
  • Two smaller zipped outer pockets
  • 1 open compartment
  • Presence of USB charging port and earphone jack.
  • The only available color is dark brown.
  • It’s an excellent mini cross-body bag, that perfectly fits on your chest.
  • It’s ideal for holding smaller items and has water resistance ability.
  • The quality of the material is found cheap. The leather is of poor quality.


Are sling bags practical?

There’s no doubt, that sling bags are practical. It’s the most convenient way to carry your belongings and gear while traveling. The most practical features of them are anti-theft pockets, USB ports, and water-resistant ability.

Are fanny packs still in style 2021?

Fanny packs are cool enough to carry while biking, clubbing, and walking. Some people may consider it the fashion of the eighties but actually this was the biggest trend for 2021.

Are Sling backpacks in style?

Of course, Sling backpacks are the most stylish and modern bags ever found. They are comfortable to carry across your body on only one shoulder. These are appreciated due to easy access to stuff.


Hopefully! this article will be quite beneficial for you, to choose the best sling backpack for women. All the possible information about every product is given above, you just have to select the one according to your need.

 Have a happy purchase! 

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