How to Clean Herschel Backpacks? Detailed Methods in 2023

Cleaning Herschel Backpacks

Herschel backpacks is a well-reputed backpack brand for its sleek and chic styles with eye-catching color designs. If you are also in love with this flawless variety and possess one of them, you would certainly admire knowing everything regarding its care and safety.

It’s a common thing that your backpack may get dirty. It’s a pretty sensitive task to clean Herschel Backpacks without any damage to them. You need to opt for the best and safe way to do so. It’s recommended not to wash it in the machine to meet the preventive measures. So, you would want to know the perfect way even without using a washing machine. It’s determined by the kind of dirt and your situation.

Let’s move onward to know the best ways to clean Herschel backpacks.

Cleaning Small Spots

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If you are having any small spot or dust in your backpack and you are not comfortable with its entire washing, you may cleanse only that spot even with a little effort. You are provided with step-by-step instructions for treating small spots here.

1. Empty the Backpack

Whenever you’re going to clean your backpack, it’s the first and foremost thing to remove everything from your rucksack whether it’s your school accessories or personal luggage. Any cleaning solution may penetrate the material and damage it. So, make it pretty sure to shift everything to another backpack.

2. Brushing over Dusty Spots

Next thing is to remove any dusty trash. You need to do it pretty gently otherwise may result in damaging your backpack. Make sure to avoid any brittle thing in this regard. You may go for a soft makeup brush to dust off gently. If you’re not having an extra makeup brush, you may go for a paintbrush or any such soft brush.

3. Rubbing Mild Soap on Contaminated Area

It’s time to get a gentle soap with a label sensitive. Avoid using ordinary harsh soaps or detergents directly on the stained region. All you need is to pour a small amount of delicate soap on a light-colored cloth or sponge. Dab this sponge on the dirty area to saturate the region with cleaning products. Moreover, scrub it into the backpack if the stain is unusual.

Make sure to avoid any dark-colored sponge or cloth, it may add excessive dye to the backpack. Furthermore, you may use a toothbrush to clean the bad stain.

4. Air-Drying the Backpack

Next thing is to let the soap soak. After it has soaked in perfectly, it’s time to air-dry it. Make sure to dry it properly. You may keep it in the air for several hours or till there is no dampness left. Make sure to keep the bag open while drying.

Once your backpack is dried, it’s as perfect as the new one and ready to use.

Cleaning Herschel Backpacks with Handwashing

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If your Herschel backpack is contaminated by two or more spots, you may opt to cleanse it completely. It would help to keep your backpack as excellent as a new backpack. It’s not safe to wash it in the machine, it may damage its delicate fiber. So, it’s preferable to wash it with your hands. You need to know a complete guide before starting.

Make pretty sure to read each instruction carefully, any negligence may result in harming your bag. Let’s go ahead to know each step of washing your favorite Herschel backpack.

1. Remove Everything from the Backpack

Like the previous method, its initial step is to empty the backpack. It’s necessary to damp out everything aside or in a new bag. Otherwise, it may damage the electronics and your other valuables when the bag is soaked in water. Make sure to check out each interior and exterior pocket to avoid any loss.

2. Remove Any Crumbs with Portable Vaccum

All you need is to have a handheld vacuum that would suck out the specks of dust and dirt from your bag. Make sure to use it on a low setting to do it gently. It would assure the thorough cleaning of your backpack. If any grime is left even after vacuum cleaning, it would be removed while washing.

3. Put the Backpack in a Basin of Lukewarm Water

Select a basin or tub of medium or large size and fill it with lukewarm water. The basin should be large enough to avoid overflowing water while soaking the backpack. Make sure to avoid warm and boiling water, it would ruin your backpack. Moreover, it would fade the colors of your bag which adds up glamour to its look.

4. Wash the Backpack Gently with Mild Soap

It’s time to choose a mild and sensitive soap to clean the backpack. Use a gentle brush to scrub the soap inside and outside the backpack. It would ensure the deep cleaning of the backpack. Moreover, you may use a toothbrush to chip away at the strained area. You may use a sponge instead of a brush to wipe down your backpack. Furthermore, turn the backpack inside out to clean it thoroughly.

5. Rinse with the Cold Water

Remove the dirty and warm water from the basin and refill it with cold water. Make sure to submerge the bag entirely in clean water to remove any grime or dirt. Rinse the bag properly before pulling it out. Remove the extra dipping water by wringing the bag out of the basin.

6. Blot the Bag with a Towel and Let It Air-Dry

Soak your bag in a fluffy towel to remove any leftover water before drying it. Make sure to open all pockets and zippers while hanging your backpack out to dry. Place it in a place with a lot of air for one or 2 days and check periodically whether the material is damp or dry. Avoid drying your beloved backpack in direct sunlight, it would keep the color from fading.

Final Words to Clean Herschel Backpacks

If you adore having a Herschel backpack to add charm to your personality, it would be your utmost need to know about its cleaning. Avoid cleaning in a washing machine to maintain the safety of the material. If a small strain is observed, you may cleanse only that spot. Moreover, you may opt for handwashing for thorough cleaning of your backpack.

Finally, choose the best way to clean Herschel backpacks that suits you and get detailed knowledge from the above-mentioned details.

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