Does a Backpack Count as a Carry-on? Fact Check(2023)

Does a Backpack Count as a Carry-on?

Traveling is pretty refreshing as well as a bit challenging. The challenge lies in checking out the luggage and managing it perfectly. You need to manage everything flawlessly in different places. 

You would certainly need a few items to be with you wherever you travel. Therefore, I think the addition of a carry-on with you will be quite beneficial.

When it comes to selecting a carry-on, you would surely look for an appropriate item to be used. Different people use duffle bags, fancy bags, small suitcases, etc according to their taste. 

If you love not to disturb your comfort zone, you must be pondering, Can we use a backpack as a carry-on?

Yes! You may use it as a carry-on. However, you need to check out a few things before doing so. Let’s go through this article to be well informed.

Why Should you Use a Backpack as a Carry-on?

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There are many other options to use as carry-on luggage for your trip. Carry-on is the safest place to keep your vital items with you all the time. As far as, fancy bags or duffle bags are concerned they are not that spacious and secure.

In contrast, a backpack has ample room to keep your gear protected. So, you may prefer a backpack for its immense space to keep maximum of your crucial material.

Moreover, it’s pretty much comfortable to carry. Its straps are made to keep you at great ease. It would provide you with a chic and eye-catching look without interfering with your comfort zone. 

Another plus point is that you may use it anywhere under any circumstances. You are free to carry it on your shoulders irrespective of the rough road. On the other hand, you need to follow a smooth road and hurdle-free route to pull a suitcase.

Furthermore, a backpack would provide you with a large number of compartments to arrange everything properly in a separate and safe chamber. You may even place your laptop in a backpack to keep it safe. Moreover, it also offers you to lock the zippers to ensure the security of your precious and costly gear.

What is the Perfect Size for Carry-on Backpack?

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If you are going to use a backpack as a carry-on, you need to be pretty careful about its size. It should be small enough to place underneath the seat or overhead storage. This size limit usually varies from circumstance to circumstance. 

Every airline has its ranges and restrictions for carry-on. If we talk about the average size, it may fall into 40 to 45 liters. Most airlines allow up to this limit. If you are using some strict airline, you are recommended to try to reduce this size up to 35 liters in order to avoid any hurdles.

When it comes to the perfect size to fit under the seat or overhead compartment, you need to check out the measurements of your carry-on backpack. Most airlines allow luggage that measures up to 22×14×9 inches. Get the pack within this limit to avoid any obstacles.

What Can be the Maximum Weight of a Carry-on Backpack?

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Be careful about the amount of your carry-on luggage. It will stay with you throughout your journey. Make sure to place only essential items in your carry-on to keep this weight as appropriate as possible. Make sure to keep this weight below 50 pounds. It’s the maximum for any airline to allow you.

It would be beneficial for you as well as your backpack. More than 50 pounds would be a lot of weight and may hurt your back. So, be careful to balance the carry-on weight to maintain your energy level. 

Such a gigantic weight may tear down your backpack. You have to check and balance the capacity of your backpack. Make sure to check out the policies and restrictions of the airline before packing your luggage, otherwise, it may complicate your trip.

Can You Take Two Backpacks as Carry-on?

Yes! You may bring two backpacks with you. But both of them wouldn’t be considered carry-on luggage. One would be supposed to a carry-on gear while the other would be assessed as a personal item. 

Your carry-on backpack would be placed in the overhead compartment. On the contrary, the personal item would be kept under the seat in front of you. Make sure to check out the size of the backpacks to fit them properly.

The one being used as a personal item should be smaller in size than the carry-on to adjust it in front of you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Should be the Size of the Backpack to be considered as a Personal Item?

A personal item backpack should be smaller in size than carry-on luggage or suitcase. Its size should be according to Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations which are 22×14×9 inches.

Can You Bring Food Items in a Carry-on?

Yes, you may bring food items in your carry-on but need to be careful with their form. You are allowed only to have solid food items. Liquid and gel items are restricted. Moreover, the administration may suggest you keep food items separately to keep the backpack clean.

What Happens If Your Backpack is Too Heavy?

It’s suspected that your luggage would be weighed by luggage sizers at the gate of the airport while boarding the plane. If it’s not fit, you would be made to check the luggage and charged a fee for this.

Can You Bring a Purse with a Backpack?

Yes, you may feel free to carry a purse along with a backpack. Your backpack would be considered a carry-on and your purse would be evaluated as a personal item.

Bottom Line about Backpack Count as a Carry-on

Finally, a backpack is a great travel partner to be used as a carry-on. It would provide you with different zipper compartments to maintain your weight. A backpack may place everything you need from clothes to everyday gadgets. Moreover, it’s super-duper easier to carry it on your shoulders without much struggle.

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