How to Fix a Backpack Strap? 3 Simple Methods (2023)

Fix a Backpack Strap

Your backpack is your utmost companion, no matter where you are going. It would help you to keep your entire gear in a single place. Being a student or outgoing person, you would certainly need a few necessary items to be carried with you.

When it comes to carrying your backpack, straps are a comfortable and convenient means. You would look for a pack with livable straps. There is a vast variety of straps for different sorts of rucksacks. They may include compression, shoulder, load-lifter, and sternum straps. In case of any trouble with your straps, your bag would be useless at. You must need to know several ways to fix a backpack strap in any situation.

Let’s move forward to come to know about various methods of fixing the backpack straps.

Fixing a Backpack Strap by Sewing

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Sewing is the most authentic and reliable way to fix a backpack strap. It’s the most durable solution for broken or damaged straps. You may use it at home or anywhere on your journey. You just need to keep your sewing kit with you to tackle any trouble with your beloved backpack. Sewing isn’t a hectic and tricky task. You may do it with only a few tips.

1. Sewing Kit

When it comes to sewing a strap, all you need is to have a sewing kit. This kit comprises several items to do the entire fixing. The components are listed below;

  • Needle
  • Scissor
  • Nylon upholstery thread
  • Nylon cloth

Let’s move ahead to know step by step guide for sewing a backpack strap

2. Empty the Backpack

When you are going to start this procedure, first thing is to unpack your backpack. It would bring a lot of convenience to you throughout the sewing process. Make sure to remove everything from your bag before starting anything else.

3. Cut Off the Stray Threads

Next thing is to remove any extra and useless fiber from the point of the damage. It would help to avoid any disturbance to you. You may use scissors for this purpose. If there is any extra thread, it would certainly tangle with nylon fiber and thread. So, it’s pretty important to do this step perfectly.

4. Thread the Needle

Threading the needle is mainly the preparation of the needle for sewing. Take the required nylon thread and insert it into the needle. Make sure to equalize both edges of the thread to attain more strength.

5. Apply the Nylon Cloth

It’s time to apply the nylon fiber which is responsible for repairing the strap. First of all, cut a small piece of cloth. Now put this fiber on the damaged strap and fold it to the edges too. This would help to enhance the protection and durability of the fixed strap. Make sure to attach both edges of the fiber.

6. Sew the Nylon Cloth with the Strap

This time you would use the threaded needle to fix the nylon fiber. It’s the most technical step which determines the success of your task. Start by sewing the edges of the strap with backstitching to the nylon cloth. Make sure to pass the needle through every layer. Moreover, stitches shouldn’t be too close to the edges. It may result in slipping off which would ruin all your struggle.

7. Close the Stitch

The last thing to do with the torn strap is to close the stitch. There are various ways to do so but you would certainly opt for the easiest one. All you need is to push the needle halfway in and wrap the thread around the sharp side of the needle. Pull off the needle at the end.

8. Attach the Strap to the Backpack

When your backpack strap is perfectly fixed, next thing is to attach it to the backpack. You need to place it in its position by applying pressure. Use the threaded needle to adjust the strap by following backstitching technique which is more durable and reliable. Cut off any frayed threads and your backpack is ready to use.

Fixing a Backpack Strap with Duct Tape

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If you aren’t at home and short of any facility and observe any defect in your backpack strap, you would look for the simplest way. Your backpack is your crucial partner. So, it’s pretty necessary to fix its strap. You may seak duct tape in this regard. It’s much easy to use in a short time but it’s not a permanent solution.

Let’s dive into its step-by-step guide to get to know the entire procedure.

1. Empty Your Backpack

To start this procedure, make sure to remove everything from your bag. This would bring ease to you and protect your gear. The tape contains gummy residue which may stick to your luggage.

2. Cleaning the Shattered Strap

It’s time to clean the edges of the straps and broken parts. You may use a damp cloth to clean the damaged strap. Make sure to clean it thoroughly otherwise it may result in lessening the sticking ability of the tape. Moreover, let the belt and strap dry perfectly.

3. Cut and Apply the Duct Tape

After the straps had dried, move forth by cutting the required length of the double-sided tape. Apply the tape on the damaged area and then pull the tape inside to grip the sides perfectly. Moreover, apply pressure with both thumbs on both sides of the strap to push in to improve the hold with the fiber. In the end, cover the entire area with duct tape to make it more durable. Avoid excessive tape as it may slide off.

4. Staple the Edges

You may staple the edges to keep the strap in place. You may staple the point where two ends meet. It would help to remove space. You may staple it various times until there is any space. This metal staple would help to hold the fabric and tape firmly.

Fixing Backpack Strap Buckle with Wire

It’s a pretty challenging task to repair the strap buckle with wire. You need to have a proper kit and time to do so. You would be pleased to find it a durable way. You would come to know about the step-by-step guide and required equipment here. All items involved in this procedure are listed down.

  • Alternate buckle
  • Wire
  • Wirecutter
  • Pliers
  • Measuring tape

Now you are going through every step of the entire method.

1. Removing the Damaged Buckle

The first step to start this procedure is to remove the old buckle from the strap. You need to remove it pretty carefully to avoid any residue. In this regard, you may use a plier to protect the strap from any damage.

2. Cut and Apply the Wire

Use the measuring tape to check the width of the strap. Cut the wire 2 inches more than the measured length. You may use a wire cutter to cut the wire. You need to place the wire along the width of the strap and create a hinge on both sides. You may bend the wire to create a hinge on the edges of the wire. Moreover, you may use a mold and a plier to get perfect hinges. Hinges should be in an upward direction. They would help to keep the buckle in place.

3. Apply the New Buckle

Finally, it’s time to put on the replacement buckle. You may place it between the hinges of the wire. If hinges are loose, you may use the plier to tighten them, and are ready to go!

Bottom Line

Your backpack is always by your side. So, if you observe any torn and damaged especially with its straps, you need to show proper care towards it. You may use various ways to fix them.

You are provided with details of a few best methods to repair backpack straps. Now it’s up to you to choose the one that is suitable for you. Use these fantastic ways to fix your bag straps anywhere and enjoy your journey!!

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