How to Fix Backpack Zipper Stuck on Fabric? 3 Methods (2023)

How to Fix Backpack Zipper Stuck on Fabric

Your backpack helps you a lot while you are on your route or anywhere else. It’s the best partner to keep your gear protected. So, it’s your uttermost duty to show proper care towards it if any trauma is seen. The backpack zipper is a pretty fragile part among the other parts.

It’s a very common thing that fabric may get stuck to the zipper. It may happen due to a fault in the working of the zipper or an overloaded backpack. No doubt backpack is best at saving your gear but any mistake, while removing the fabric from the zipper, may result in damage to your luggage as well as the bag.

Let’s move ahead to know the precise ways to Fix Backpack Zipper Stuck on Fabric.


Using Tweezer and Safety Pins Fix Backpack Zipper

Your backpack zipper may fail to move forward due to an obstacle. This obstacle could be surrounding fiber which may stick to the zipper and the zipper teeth caught. The zipper wouldn’t be able to close in such a situation.

So, you must have to remove the fabric carefully. You may use tweezers and safety pins in this concern. Let’s know the required pieces of equipment and the whole procedure.

Required Material

  • Tweezers
  • Safety pins
  • Scissor

Now it’s time to know the step-by-step guide to this sharp method.

1. Locate the Snagged Fabric

It’s the first and foremost thing to know the point of damage. Once you locate the point where the zipper is snagged, it’s pretty easy to remove the fabric from it. You may check out the cloth that stuck to the zipper. All you need to do is to find the shattered fabric and fold it gently. Make sure to do this carefully. Any harshness may result in damage to your backpack or gear.

2. Pull off the Zipper

After you have tracked down the snagged surface, it’s time to figure out the tangled fabric. It’s not a difficult task but involves your patience and vigilance. All you need is to pull off the zipper from the folded snagged fabric with a gentle backward force. Make sure not to hurry otherwise your backpack fabric may suffer damage. Moreover, you may pull the fabric to free the zipper teeth.

3. Use Tweezers and Safety Pins

If your hand is big to do this tricky task, you may opt for another small and sharp instrument. You may use tweezers and safety pins for this purpose. Their sharp ends would untangle fabric and zipper teeth pretty neatly and gently. You may locate the snagged area with tweezers and then tag the fabric from the zipper with the sharp edges of the tweezers.

If tweezers fail to do this perfectly, you may use safety pins due to their small and sharp edges. All you need is to pull out the fabric from the zipper pretty gently. Make sure to be patient to get the best results.

4. Cut off the Extra Threads

In the end, you would need to remove any frayed edges and threads of fabric. This would help to avoid such a situation next time.

Using Pencil Method to Fix Backpack Zipper

If you fail to fix stuck zippers by using tweezers and safety pins, you may use the pencil technique. The pencil contains graphite to write which is a dry lubricant. So, you may use this graphite to lubricate the zipper teeth and make them movable.

Moreover, the best thing about this method is the safety of your fabric. Graphite wouldn’t harm anything if used properly but excess of it may result in a new hurdle to the zipper.

Required Material

It’s a pretty simple technique to get the best results. So, it involves only two things.

  • Pencil
  • Sharpener

1. Select and Sharp the Pencil

Before starting this procedure, you need to choose a suitable pencil and prepare it. Make sure to pick up an ordinary wooden pencil rather than any modish one. Its preparation involves sharpening the pencil. Moreover, wide graphite would do better. So, don’t sharpen it excessively. You may need to sharpen your pencil again and again during the whole process.

2. Rub the Pencil

When you’re done with preparing the pencil, it’s time to show its magic. All you need is to hold the zipper in one hand and start rubbing the tip of the pencil against the zipper teeth. Keep rubbing it until the teeth are covered with graphite. You have to be pretty careful with the amount of graphite covering the zipper. Excess of the graphite would jam the teeth.

3. Pull the Zipper

When the zipper has the perfect amount of graphite on it, start pulling the zipper gently. Graphite would lubricate the zipper and start unsticking it. So, it would enable the zipper to move freely. If you fail to move the zipper, you may try again by applying some more graphite.

Using Improvised Lubricant to Fix Backpack Zipper

If the pencil refuses to free the zipper, move toward a better method which is a strong lubricant. It’s not that challenging but effective. You would be able to use it anywhere without any problem.

All you need is to have a lubricant close at hand. This lubricant would reduce friction between the slider and zipper teeth. So, the zipper would be able to move.

Required Items

  • Lubricant
  • Cotton swabs

Let’s move forward to know a brief description of the process.

1. Get a Lubricant

To start this procedure, you need to get a lubricant that is responsible for minimizing friction. You are free to choose an improvised lubricant from a large variety. You may use chapstick, soap, Windex, petroleum jelly, crayons, lip balm, wax, or any such smooth and silky substance as a lubricant. You would certainly prefer the one which is accessible to you.

2. Apply the Lubricant

It’s time to apply a sufficient amount of lubricant. Make sure to apply a generous quantity to do the trick. Let the lubricant penetrate the depth of the zipper. Moreover, you may apply the lubricant directly or with a cotton swab. Make sure to keep the fabric away from the lubricant. If it’s not working well, feel free to add more lubricant.

3. Move the Zipper

After applying the lubricant, wait for a while to give the zipper a try. Lubricant would remove any dirt and dust which is the cause of the stuck zipper. So, the slider would be able to pass through the teeth easily without any resistance. You may apply another coat of lubricant if it’s unable to move with less amount.

4. Clean the Fabric and Zipper

At the end of the procedure, it’s time to remove the lubricant from your bag. Try your best to keep the lubricant away from the fabric and other accessories. If your bag is machine washable, it’s no big deal for you to clean it. Otherwise, you may cleanse it with the help of a dampened cloth.

Final Words

In the end, you are well aware of several ways to fix the zipper stuck on the fiber. All you need is to untangle the snagged fabric and reduce the friction between the slider and the zipper teeth which would enable the zipper to move smoothly.

You may choose the way that is accessible and comfortable for you. Follow the one that is suitable for you and has the perfect zipper as a new one.

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