How to Choose a Trail Running Backpack? (Easy Guide 2022)

How to Choose a Trail Running Backpack

Are you wondering to go on a trail run? If yes, then you definitely need a trail running backpack along with you. It’s the key tool for trail running.

This is because, whenever you go for trail running, you always stand in need of various types of equipment. Therefore, for carrying such things, the backpack is the best option. 

The most crucial thing while carrying a backpack, is to choose the best one for you. 

Things to consider before choosing a trail running backpack

While choosing the best backpack for trail running, you need to be very specific. like, if I’m there to choose it for me, I’ll first consider the distance I have to cover. Yeah, it matters a lot, that how much time you’re going to spend running.

If you’re going to spend only two to three hours while running, obviously you’ll require a small bag. And, if you have to spend a whole day or more, comparatively a large one is required.

Here are some essential parameters, you need to look for choosing the best trail running backpack for yourself.

Size of the backpack

The size of your backpack matters a lot while you’re on a trail running. Mostly, people make mistakes while choosing the size. If you go for 3 hours running, vest packs of 6 to 10L are more than enough, and if you’re gonna all day long, go ahead for 12L. Your backpack should maximum link from your spine on your neck to your upper limb bone.

Hydration backpack

Water is the key element for trail running. So according to it, the backpack should have a good position for placing the water bottle or water bladder. In the case of a vest pack, it should have pockets in front, so that you can have your water while running. And in the case of a backpack, the side pockets should be there to place your water bottles.

Fitness of backpack 

Your backpack needs to be enough fit. If it’s baggy, it would be uncomfortable. Usually, the packs for women are different from men’s. So, you need to try on them while buying. The one that fits you best, should be purchased.

Comfortability of the backpack

While trail running, you need to be comfortable. You’ll be comfortable if, your backpack is comfortable. There should be a good beefy Strap System in your backpack. Like, the shoulder straps should be enough broad, and there should be hip belt straps.

Weight of the bag

An unpacked backpack shouldn’t have much weight, it should be lightweight. As the weight of the contents would be already plenty.

Compartments in backpack

There should be the presence of an adequate number of compartments in your backpack. Especially, if you’re on a long trail running i.e a day or more. This is because you need to carry a lot of accessories along with you. In the case of a vest pack, there should be front pockets, to keep your mobile phone and water bottle or bladder. 

There should be the presence of large, as well as small compartments in your backpack. A large compartment is essential, to place the clothes and blanket. While the smaller side pockets are for placing money, mobile phone, credit card, compass, snacks, knife, lighter, map, tissue roll, and many more. 

Waterproof backpack

Your backpack must be waterproof. So that,  in case of rainfall, your contents remain dry and secure. Also, it shouldn’t be sunlight absorbent, especially in summers.


What Gear do you Need in your Backpack for Trail Running?

While packing your backpack for trail running, you should be quite careful. It’s really hard to manage the perfect gear for your backpack. Usually, people overloaded them with unnecessary things. This causes pain in your back and you feel tired.

If you’re on a trail running for a few hours or a day, then you just need a vest pack or a backpack consisting of the following gear.

  • Water bottle
  • First aid kit as a preventive measure for some sort of injury.
  • Compass or tracker
  • Whistle
  • Snacks or some other nutrients
  • Clothing i.e shorts or skirt and T-shirts.
  • headwear
  • Rain jacket to avoid yourself from being wet
  • Pack towel.
  • Mobile phone for any emergency.
  • A safety blanket, in order to protect you from cold or heat.
  • Headlamp, if you’re running at night.
  • Footwear 
  • Hiking stick and rope, in order to climb some mountain.


Therefore, while choosing a perfect backpack, you should be quite vigilant. You should consider all the above-mentioned parameters to choose a trail running backpack for you. So that you can enjoy happy and comfortable running, with a perfect backpack.

Moreover, you can read the detailed guide about “how to run with a backpack” in case you need to understand the queries while trail running.

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