How to Choose the Best Laptop Backpack in 2022? Detailed Guide

How to Choose the Best Laptop Backpack

Are you a digital worker, techie, business traveler, an IT student, or a hardcore traveler? If yes, you must be followed by your laptop wherever you go. In that case, you just need the best laptop backpack that will carry your device and other essentials anywhere without any hassle of holding them in your hands and moving around.

A laptop backpack can save you in different situations like at the airport security gate, taking it out and putting it back frequently in case of a security check or sudden important work to be done immediately or just to kill some time in case of waiting, whatsoever.

All that being said, such a person must have a laptop backpack for day to day commute.

Now the question is how to find the best laptop backpack? Or what should we consider while in search of the best laptop backpack? Well, no worries we’ll discuss that in detail as we are putting together things for you to consider while choosing a laptop backpack for your daily needs.

What should You look for in a laptop backpack?

A backpack is an essential tool to carry your equipment being a student, an office worker, or a business traveler. Whether you are heading back to school or hiking a mountain a backpack can’t be ignored.

Here are the vital points to consider while looking for the best laptop backpack that will cover all your basic needs.


1. Comfort

Choosing a backpack on the basis of comfort is a win-win even if it might be not very good look wise. A well-built and well-shaped backpack can make you forget what you’re carrying around. A saggy one can put a lot of weight on your shoulders and ends up injuring your back.

Adjustable or padded shoulder straps can prevent back strain. Padded back and the bottom where a backpack hits the ground can add up the comfort of carrying and allows it to maintain the natural shape.

Moreover, padded hip belts remove weight from the back & shoulders allowing to carry much heavy load for a long.

2. Durability & Design

Quality backpacks are crafted using sustainable materials and intriguing design. There are several aspects to consider in the design and durability of a laptop backpack. A few of them are here:

  • Color Options & Size Variations

There are tons of color variations available in the market like the standard black, blue, brown, and grey with different blends also different patterns like cameo as well. It’s up to the user which color suits different situations and personal taste.

However one should choose from the colors of the wardrobe they own which are usually white, grey, blue, and black. Those who are more adventurous and want to be visible in a public place can choose from maroon, red, yellow, or teal in case you are a traveler.

The main point is that you would be able to carry your backpack regularly except only when you match with your clothes.

As far as the Laptops are concerned you have to consider the backpack size according to your laptop size. Usually, people own a 13-15 inch laptop which is easily adjustable in a standard backpack size. But a 17-inch version needs a backpack size accordingly & compartments as well.

  • Dimensions & Weight

Capacity is the primary factor. Typical backpack dimensions can be 19″ tall by 13″ wide for the standard version while for the medium it’s slightly smaller as 17″ tall by 11″ wide.

The vital factor is your physical height. If you are of average height like 5-foot-5 or shorter than standard size may be long enough to reach your waistline which may discord your comfort. In this case, the medium size is preferred.

The key point to consider the backpack weight is the time duration that you are to be moving around. The longer is the trip the more fuel to put-in which leads to more weight overall.

Even during multi-day trips, you should have to pack 15-20% of your body weight. While an empty backpack weighing 2-3 is to be considered a lightweight.

3. Material

A backpack made from the right material can sustain for years straight. The commonly used backpack materials are:

  • Canvas

Once upon a time, it was effective to make backpacks from cotton canvas. The modern canvas is made from a synthetic and natural material to make it less expensive, reducing weight, making it waterproof, and increasing strength abilities.

This material is popular with hikers & college students.

  • Cordura

Nowadays backpacks are made from nylon & polyester etc. but the Cordura is a synthetic material that is built to last and has high tensile strength and will withstand the long term.

Cordura fabrics also provide colorfastness and stain-resistant qualities. Usually, Cordura is made from nylon and cotton blended fibers and hence provides additional strength.

  • Nylon & Polyester

These are the most common materials used in backpack crafting. Although these materials are lightweight and durable, lacking in qualities like water-resistant & waterproof. However, they get dry easily.

  • Leather

When it comes to leather material things become classy. Nothing is like leather, which is stylish, can be strong, waterproof, looks great, although heavier than other materials, and a bit expensive.

This material has its unique aura as backpacks made from it are of organic quality. Leather backpacks are perfect to use in professional workplaces as they tend to be more formal.

Leather backpacks are usually minimalistic backpacks, and getting a leather laptop backpack might be very expensive which has compartments.

4. Stitching

Seams are a crucial part of the backpack durability. Backpacks sewn well are generally more durable and harder. After the usage of at least one year, the fabric may appear to be coming out especially from shoulder straps.

A good quality backpack is one that is sewn well with great quality material. Nylon, polyester, canvas, Cordura & leather are some of the most durable fabrics available.

Check if there is double stitching or not while making a purchase also the thread material if it is flimsy or weak, a big No.

5. Zippers

One of the most vital parts of a backpack is the zippers. Always search for the highest quality zippers. There are different types of zippers available i.e. coil, molded plastic and metallic are the most common. 

Coil zippers are lightweight and flexible.

The molded plastic zipper is the cheapest among these, teeth are a bit stiffer and melted directly onto the zipper tape, which makes it more cost-effective.

The metal zippers are the most durable as their teeth are clamped onto the zipper tape. But everything has its own drawbacks so some things to consider are metallic zippers are heavier than other types and the slider may not move as smooth as for coil & plastic zippers.

So keeping drawbacks in mind always go for metallic zippers for durability purposes and avoid plastic ones like the loss of zipper can make the backpack entirely useless.

6. Compartments

Backpacks having partitions are minimalistic and sophisticated enough to carry items in a much-customized way. Usually, a standard laptop backpack comes with the laptop within the main compartment, organizing smaller items section, and some side pockets as well.

Some sleek designs have a quick access laptop compartment which is a plus point.

7. Warranty

A money-back warranty is an insurance for the damage that may happen due to bad quality of stitching or the other vital aspects discussed before.

Some well-known brands out there prefer to provide an enormous money-back warranty for their product to make long term relationships with the customers, do consider them as they will never bear the loss of loyal customers and you are getting a profitable product, a win-win situation for both ends.

8. Value

Even if the backpack doesn’t come with a feasible warranty, top-notch quality and the value which is being provided can lessen the other losses in terms of the warranty, etc. As if a backpack is worth 20-30$ and lasts 2-3 years which means it per year cost is 10$. And if it’s not a Great deal, I don’t know what can be.


What are the best laptop backpacks?

Best laptop backpacks are those who qualify given factors and criteria. Moreover, you can find laptop backpacks here:
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How do I find the perfect backpack?

The said 8 factors given above are the most essential and key things to decide what to buy for perfect laptop backpacks.

Is it safe to carry a laptop in a backpack?

The backpack is the safest thing to carry your laptop either you are traveling or a student to take your laptop to school or college.

Final Verdict

Finding the best laptop backpack is not a hassle anymore. If the knowledge provided is followed properly I’m pretty sure you’ll end up finding a long-lasting laptop backpack.


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