How to fly with camping gear? | Detailed Guides and Tips

How to fly with camping gear

Flying allows you longer at your destination and cuts down on the time it takes to induce there. Whether you’re seeking a regular camping trip or a novel but less-rugged retreat, this article will assist you in planning the way to fly in and find your vacation started.

Times have changed, though, and it is often difficult to bring everything you would possibly need for camping with you on a plane. You would probably be thinking that what camping gear is right for you and how to fly with camping gear?

Are you ready to venture far away from home to explore more camping destinations and trails but clueless on the way that how to pack light for your camping gear for flying?

Have you ever experienced flying with camping gear? If No, then listen, you can fly with your camp stoves, backpack, clothing, shoe insectifuge, lighters, safety matches, sunscreen lotion, and small quantities of private hygiene products. If you check a bag, you’ll be ready to take even more camping gear with you on your trip.

Numerous people ask if they will fly with a tent, the way to protect their backpack, or want to understand the principles about flying with stove fuel and knives. You would not need to be worrying about it because with a bit of planning; you’ll be ready for flying with camping gear.

We are going to assist you with how your journey will be comfortable when you start flying with camping gear.

Essential tips on how to fly with Camping Gear

You must know what you should and what should not carry-on with yourself, and, admittedly, it will save space for your essential carry-on camping gear.

Your fly camping gear should include that you cannot easily replace. These are objects that could overthrow your trip if you find yourself without them, like your hiking boots, your camera, and sunglasses.

You may include your tent into this category, but not all airlines will allow you to carry it on. Then, you should check it before flying.

Moreover, the next approach is to put all sleep-related objects like your tent, tent spikes, sleeping bags, and air mattress in one large duffel bag that you plan to check. Doing this not only frees up space in your carry-on bag but also allows you to avoid storing a large suitcase.

The Camping Gear You Can Fly With

The Camping Gear You Can Fly With

You can quickly fly with most backpacking and camping gear. The only catch is that some of it must be in your checked luggage. Surely, you may come across people that manage to carry all their gear with them on the plane without paying for their luggage.

To select the right gear

Pack, Buy and Rent in your flying with camping gear

Packing list:

Your packing list must include the following items:

  • Wool clothing, Wet Wipes, Fast Drying Towels and Hat
  • Trail Shoes, Shower Shoes, and Hiking Boots
  • First Aid Kit and Bug Spray
  • Extra Batteries, Chargers, Can Opener, Duct Tape, and Paper Maps 
  • Water Jug, Freeze dry Meals, Pocket Knife, cooking utensils, and Backpacking Stove.

Buying items list:

You can buy the following on arrivals:

  • Cooler, and Groceries
  • Zip-Top Bags, and Tinfoil
  • Toiletries, and Sunscreen lotions.

Rent items list:

You can get these items on rent:

  • Tent, and Sleeping Bags
  • Bear Canister
  • Sleeping pads, and pillows

To pack lightweight

pack lightweight

One of the main things for you how to fly with camping gear is to pack camping gear as light as possible. We don’t advise you to skip out some necessary items, but to get focus on lightweight camping gear that can save much time and hassle for you.

Everything like tents, sleeping bags, and sleeping pads as well as your pillows, etc., are flying camping gear, you can take it with yourself. You can get these items as rent, and then it will be easier for you before you even book your flight.

Reducing your camping gear

Start by reducing the number of clothing you carry. Leave your bulky, hard-to-dry jeans at home and, instead, pack layers of lightweight, breathable clothing and extra socks.

Additionally, it’s a decent idea to induce a collection of elegant micro-fiber towels. They’re amazingly absorbent, dry fast, and even the beach towel-sized versions fold down to a small parcel.

Your food

There are a couple of ways to keep bulk all the way down to a minimum. One-pot meals are your best bet, as is multipurpose cooking gear that may be packed in an organized fashion or with a nesting design.

It depends on where you’re going, and whether you’ll buy camp food once you arrive, consider stocking abreast of some freeze-dried meals. They’re light, easy to pack, and need hot water and a touch of waiting time to organize.

There are numerous options, from chili to pasta, but read reviews before buying as they’re not all created equal flavor-wise.

A Wise & Smart tip

If you’re exceedingly in a hurry and need to induce yourself lightweight gear, determine if you’ll rent camping gear at your destination and, if so, what proportion it’ll set you back. Moreover, it’s reckoning on where you’re going, tents, sleeping bags, and sleeping pads are often available to rent.

Some more Tips for Packing Camping Gear:

  • Always use compression bags; it will make your fly camping gear compact.
  • You should fly in such an airline, which gives the facility of free checking for your bag.
  • You must know that your camp stove does not have any fuel residue or fuel inside of it.

Many people use vacuum bags to make their clothing compact, but it always makes problems for them how they get their camping gear back without vacuuming them up again.

Besides, you should have a few compression bags that you can use to tighten everything up. Moreover, you also use them for hiking, but they work as well for packing up your camping gear before your flight.

To know about what you can take airborne

you can take airborne

Some of your camping gear is allowed, but not all will be allowed in your carry-on bags. You can carry-on your camping stoves but only when they’re empty of fuel. Furthermore, you must also take notice of it if the stove were used previously, make sure it would be clean well.

So, there should be no noticeable vapors or oil/fuel residue. Burning paste, gel fire starter, and Camping fuel are not allowed in carry-on or checked bags as well as nor propane tanks. Make such arrangements that acquire these supplies at your camping destination if required.

How to Protect Your Backpack When Flying

Lots of people check their backpack and try to tuck the straps and hip belt in as best as they can. But you run the risks of those straps getting hung and broke on in the way.

  • To make tight the straps as small as they will go and tie them together, so the single strap does not grab tightly.
  • To buckle up the hip belt backward around the pack itself:
  • To tape the straps down

There are several other options to save your backpack and camping gear. It depends on your means of transportation when you arrive at your destination. If you do need somewhere to store one of these options during your trip. Protection is one of the most priority of our topic on how to fly with camping gear.

Using a large duffel bag

There are cheaper duffel bags that work great for stowing gear for up to 2 campers if you pack carefully and take some items in your carry-on bag. It is big enough for one flying camping gear. It folds up easily and lightweight.

The use of a Heavy-duty trash bag

Large, heavy-duty trash bags also work. Just tape the excess securely. Some airports/airlines have large containers that are used to hold car seats, strollers, etc. that you can get but don’t count on it.

Wrap your pack in cling wrap

You can use cling wrap to protect your camping gear. You can probably find a box of cling wrap at a store before your return flight, depends on where you are traveling.

Pack your flying gear in a cardboard box

Just be sure it doesn’t exceed the allowable size and dimensions. You must consider that you will need tape and the box or a new box for your return flight.

Final Words

It isn’t a big deal to get ready for flying with camping gear during your flight. Admittedly, it is confusing to some extent, that you can’t pack all your flying camping gears in your carry on. And it would be better to save those checked luggage fees and have your treasured equipment with you.

But your adventure destination will be worth the hassle and luggage fee. In this detailed topic of how to fly with camping gear we tried to give you the most helpful information, I hope you like it and enjoy your vacations.

Lastly, have any packing tips or flying experiences to share with us? Indeed, you will be one of those lucky and brave people that have traveled in the airplane with all their flying camping gear, which isn’t allowed.

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