How to pack light for 2 weeks Travel? | Ultimate Guides and Tips

How to pack light for 2 weeks Travel

Traveling indoor or outdoor is an amazing experience. But traveling after knowing proper guidelines can give you fun and joy. Are you going for the following options?

  • Hiking and camping?
  • to travel abroad for two weeks on a business trip?
  • on vacation with children to their grandparent’s house for two weeks?
  • on a summer camp from school, college or university side?

and you are wondering about “how to pack light for 2 weeks?” don’t worry you are at the right place, It’s not a big deal in this modern era. We are going to guide you most reliably, and all your necessities are going to be discussed here.

If you want to travel light, it’s important to have the right strategy in mind. Without any proper strategy or planning, you can suffer a lot in different aspects.

As there are different scenarios, i.e. whether going on hiking and camping or going abroad or going on a study trip, similarly there are different kinds of needs.

At first, you remember that many items of your daily use like hand sanitizer, light food, and tissues can be certainly bought during the journey. Second, there are some items that are super important for your trip. You need proper guidance in this regard.

In this article, we will give you ultimate guidance about packing that how to pack light for two weeks. This guide will change the way you travel.

Here are some guidelines for you on how to pack light for 2 weeks. Let’s start:

Choosing the right Backpacks for light travel

The most important tip is to choose the right bag for yourself. Most light packing needs to travel with carry-on only. It means that you just take a carry on a personal bag.

If you are an expert in packing when you have worn every single thing that you packed. Then, you must wait for a moment and think about that what should you pick and what to not?

We are giving you a straightforward answer to your need for how to pack light for 2 weeks here and packing list which can be pack and carrying-on very quickly, such as seven dresses, two pairs of jeans, about eight different shirts, and three pairs of shoes, etc.

You can wear all these things a couple of times, but we think it is better than overpacking and lugging extra stuff with you.

Backpack for Hiking and Camping

hiking and camping

Whether you’re planning a hiking and camping or a quick weekend jaunt, keeping pack weight down is the key. The entire outdoor industry is going light because packing light is way more comfortable and enjoyable.

When you are going for two-week hiking and camping, it’s a bit difficult to choose the right travel backpack. But there are some backpacks which apart from your dresses, can carry your toiletries, snacks, cosmetics, and so on.

There is some carry on backpacks in which you can use vacuum-sealed bags to optimize space and have extra space for your clothes and other personal items.

Some duffel bags with straps can work as temporary hiking backpacks. We recommend having a look at the best value for money. It could work for short hikes, as it is large enough, yet can be worn on your back. You will be able to travel to different cities, to carry on all these pieces of material quickly.

Carry-on Suitcase for a trip to Grandparent’s home

 pack light for two weeks

With the holidays are coming up and very close, many of us will be taking trips to see our families.

Whether or not you and the family can see grandparents very often, you’ll want to assure you are fully outfitted when the time comes.

This trip can be for two weeks but make sure to have some useful and necessary items when visiting. If you don’t aspire to be bothered by your kids getting sad and upset at your grandparents’ house, be sure to bring some of their toys along for the trip.

Apart from these, you may do some photography at your grandparents’ house. So, try to accomplish this need with your phone instead of carrying a camera in your backpack.

It will be a better idea to write out some instructions that your parents should know to keep your little one safe. Creating a list of emergency contacts will also be best just in case you cannot be reached at the time of an incident.

At last, make a usual list of rules and guidelines that the child’s grandparents should reinforce when your child is staying with them to keep your mind relaxed.

When talking about packing, people tend to fill the space they have. The simple and easiest way to pack light is to give yourself less space. By choosing to travel in a carry on sized bag, you’ll find yourself packing more efficiently and going lighter.

Moreover, if you love really with your black jacket and your bag has extra big vertical pockets that close with snaps. Your iPhone and your passport fit in the pockets no problem. It would be great to wear at the airport and throughout the trip.

You must pack all such different dresses which are timeless and classic and can down easily. Things that are not bulky and things with will not wrinkle too much.

Right Backpack for a Summer Camp

summer camp

When you are going on a summer camp from school, college, or university side, you need to pack properly without missing any important item. e.g you may need to pack your laptop so you need to choose the right-sized durable backpack for that matter which can carry all the essential items either laptop, cell phone, water bottle, and some of the other necessary items including your clothes and shoes.

Moreover, if you are a photography lover then you have to keep in mind to pack your camera too.

Travel Backpack or suitcase for Business trip

suitcases for business trip

When you are going on a business trip abroad or within the country for two weeks then you also need a suitable carry-on or suitcase which will fulfill your needs.

First of all, you need to select the right suitcase because you have to pack your suits and all the necessary items like all your business files and laptop along with your clothes and shoes.

You also have to consider the rules and regulations about the airlines for extra fees and charges and according to that, you have to pack lightly to avoid extra charges.

For a business trip, you should not consider taking with you the toiletries because the hotel where you will stay provide all the facilities and laundry as well. By taking all these tips in mind you should choose a reasonable carry-on which suits you.

Guides & Tips for How to pack light for 2 weeks

tips for how to pack light for 2 weeks

So if you are wondering what to pack and how to pack light for 2 weeks for traveling, we are covering you here. You will get an expert opinion in the art of packing to carry on. This packing method and list for two weeks will guide you to packing light, it does not matter what the season is.

On the contrary, the winter would be much harsh than coming at you with these essential tips that will help you a lot.

Get a Travel backpack

Indeed, you would have traveled in a suitcase, but we prefer to carry-on sized backpack and travel with it across the world.

Why choose a Backpack? because Backpacks are compact and carry-on friendly and do not make a noise as loudly as other bags can make.

People have practiced backpacks for many years, and it is a good experience for them and also would be for you.

Need for backpacks to use

In some backpacks, there are three main compartments; one for flat objects and one for a laptop and another large perfect compartment for packing cubes stuffed with clothing, and one smaller compartment of pocket for your passports, pens, and odds, etc.

Moreover, it is quite comfortable to wear, with a padded hip belt and comfort-molding shoulder straps, and complete with a chest strap so that you can divide the weight correctly across your body if you choose to wear your backpack for a long time than usual.

Always travel with Small backpack or carry-on

traveling light

You use a backpack for all your daily needs. Your backpack or carry-on must be trendy but also super secure. Your backpack would have a slash-proof and has zippers that interlock and fasten.

Additionally, it will add multiple levels of security, and then your backpack will be safe from a thief to successfully pickpocket you.

Fit all your luggage into a small backpack

First of all, you should think and must scrutinize all the items which you need during your travel. And you would not pack for the lousy scenario always pack light for the best situation.

You should choose layers instead of heavy coats. It will be good enough, and you prefer those things which can be carry-on easily and also pack lightly during your entire trip.

In packing cubes, you can pack and keep your clothes tightly well organized and also can zip up. To maximize bag space, consider airless baggies or a clothes compressor.

You must also make folding boards fold and carry-on clothes with minimum wrinkling. And avoid all those things which will create difficulty for you, during your travel to major international hotels, surely, you will find all your items that are vital for your use.

Pack within packing cubes

packing cubes

Packing cubes are the best option to keep an organized backpack. You always keep everything sorted and tidy with your Packing Cubes.

Use your large packing cube for dresses, and medium packing cube for tops, and your small packing cube for socks and undies.

Furthermore, packing cubes can support you a lot. You should have a cube for the tops and one for bottoms, as well as one for your underwear.

When you open your backpack, you can choose what you need quickly. Packing cubes are excellent for more systematic packing.

Packing your clothes and shoes

What should you pack for your travel by road? And you are most likely thinking about what to wear during your summer camp for two weeks. Pack your casual footwear that is classic, lightweight, or that can easily mix and match.

You should have scattered things on your bed or on the floor of your room which you desire to pack. Then, remove all the similar shirts in the same color and the second pair of jeans as well the second pair of shoes, etc.

You can create two different clothing packing lists for all over the year and for everywhere, one for warm weather like in the spring, summer, and fall and the other for cold weather that is winter.

Spring and fall are generally the same everywhere, and then you can mostly bring the same things as you select for the summer, and with a few more layers.

Packing for warm weather

During sunny days or periods, you will sweat more. Therefore you will require more clothes to replace frequently into fresh ones. In warm weather, you wear thin clothes. Consequently, they will seize less space in your luggage.

Packing for cold weather

During days of lower temperatures, you will sweat less, so this means you will be going through a smaller number of clothes. Cold weather Clothes will occupy more space from your backpack.

If you are on active vacations and going for outdoor activities such as snowboarding, you will sweat excessively, so plan accordingly to have enough spare clothes until the next laundry day.

Packing luggage into sets

luggage sets

Traveling light with a carry-on bag comes with significant benefits, as we saw earlier. Hence, learning how to pack light your carry-on luggage reasonably can save you a lot of cash, time, and difficulty.

The first thing to examine is to pack what you need or what you will use during your trip. However, it is not an excuse for overpacking.

To travel light, you need to pack your luggage in the set but with a minimum number of up to three or two pairs of socks, underwear, and shirts.

In this way, you will have just enough of each item to wash one, dry one, and wear one. It’s a very usual strategy to pack light and take light comfortably.

Generally, pants can be worn more than once, so taking two pairs of pants would be sufficient. This strategy only applies to the staples that you will wear daily. Note that if you are going to attend an event where your standard ensemble then plans according to the scenario.

In several cases, it is also beneficial to think about what you can buy at your destination and decide to bring only the things you definitely won’t find there. And buying things where you’re traveling to can cover a lot.

For example, You can carry-on that luggage, where you feel such luggage a lot. So it is proper always to be practical when it comes to drafting your carry-on packing list.

Pack your essential documents carefully

When you are going abroad on a business trip for two weeks, you will need a common and light backpack. It’s important to keep all your vital records on you or close to you.

If you have the option of holding them in a hidden pocket or pouch on you, then do that. If not, choose a secret compartment in your item for keeping your relevant documents safe when you travel.

Passport and travel ticket

The first and most significant things are your passport and travel ticket you must secure these two things when traveling by air. And you surely don’t want to miss your travel because if you don’t have a valid passport.

Most foreign nations demand a particular number of blank visa pages in a passport as an entry condition. Many airlines will not authorize you to board if this requirement is not met. So, double-check your current passport has the correct amount of blank pages?

ID and License

Depending on where you’re going. You might also want to have a copy of your driving license if available. In many countries, you also require passport photos rendered separately.

Being a student, take your student ID as well then, you may be eligible for discounts at museums and other attractions.

Safely pack your essential records

You can also take your all-important documents in a secure USB-Drive. This option will be much better than taking all of the documents copies or hard form. Keep in mind, if you are traveling on a business trip, you need to check all documents one more time before keeping them in the bag.

So to save space in such situations, keep your precious things in your carry-on luggage, preferably inside the personal details. It concerns even when you check any of your bags. In this way, you can avoid stealing, damaging or losing the valuable things you choose to travel.

Pack only essential Toiletries

 pack light for 2 weeks

If you know you need specific products for your hair and skincare, you should carry them with you. Only try to pack the travel-sized versions of toiletries to save space.

If you are traveling by air, then respect the flight requirements under 200 ml. As you are going to select your toiletries for travel.

Whether you are traveling by air to another country for hiking and camping, or going abroad to study, or going to celebrate vacations at your grandparents’ house, or going to a summer camp, you will need to pack your toiletries carefully.

For its better light packing carry-on it efficiently, for this you should buy travel containers and fill these small containers with such products you usually use.

So, these containers come as small boxes for creams and powders or small bottles with different types of caps fit for various kinds of goods. You can purchase them in a set.

The benefit of sets is that they also come with spatulas and small funnels to quickly transfer your toiletry goods from your big containers to the travel-sized ones. You can too opt for silicone travel bottles, which will take up even less room once you start using your toiletry products.

When you pack light toiletries, follow the following two strategies which are very important to be considered while traveling either by air or by road:

First Strategy: Replace liquids by solids

It is the best strategy while packing your toiletries when going either on a study tour or going to enjoy vacations at your grandparent’s home or going on a business trip.

Whenever possible, we suggest you replace liquid toiletries with their stable versions. It will not only free the space, but it also decreases the risk of liquids spilling and making a disorder in your suitcase or even damaging what you chose to pack.

Here are some liquids that you can replace with solids:

how to pack light

Shower gel

You can use a block of small bar soap instead of shower gel. You can select a hydrating cleanser not to have dry skin after you take showers. And, if you are using an excellent creamy soap, you can also even skip on bringing any body lotion.


There are also solid shampoo bars like a soap, only for your hair. Solid shampoo bars come with several advantages:

  • Save space in your luggage
  • Last for a very long time
  • Environment friendly


There are also solid conditioner bars, and you may take them with you if your hair needs extra care. Otherwise, you should focus on another item so to save space.


Some kinds of toothpaste are also available in powder form, and one container lasts for a very long time. So, a single container will be enough for a two weeks trip.

Second Strategy: Take solid toiletries

Avoid packing toiletries that you didn’t use occasionally. You always keep in mind the size and limitations of international travel for light packing. Divide your toiletries into two different categories the liquids and non-liquids (solids).

Put your liquid toiletries in a transparent plastic bag with a seal. Your non-liquid toiletries like toothbrush, soap, etc. then, no need to be stored much more into your liquid toiletries.

Pack some days before going to travel

When you are in a hurry, you will pack the unnecessary and wrong stuff. To avoid such circumstances, take some time out a few days before your trip to gather everything you need. Then, look for a second time at everything a day before this will answer your need for how to pack light for 2 weeks.

Examine each object individually to discover the likelihood of practicing it during your two-week trip, and whether or not it’s something you can simply buy once you reach your address, such as toiletries.

Consider in terms of things you can get by without, rather than what would be useful on your journey. It would be handy to have your coffee press from the house, but you will have easy access to cheap coffee on every corner, this is probably something you should leave behind.

Use lightweight luggage so more weight can be devoted to the contents.  Although luggage with wheels is made of more substantial material, they do reduce the load on your back. Recognize, hard luggage protects valuables inside, while soft materials are more lightweight and easily conform to fit in the luggage bin, trunk of the car, etc.

Packing some days before going will help you know whether you are missing some of your essential stuff like the camera for photography or anything. Is there anything you forgot? Anything you could omit? Do you need five t-shirts?

Final Words

Hopefully, the above packing guide will help you with how to pack light for 2 weeks. Packing guidelines can get proscriptive very quickly, and the above guidelines are no exception.

Whether it’s the mountain or your grandparent’s house, you will need to carry your personal stuff there. Summarizing our discussion that you should find a medium size carry-on bag in which you hold most of your pieces of stuff. Carry on backpacks should be preferred over a normal suitcase for better performance and ease.

Finally, you are in a position where it’s easy for you to decide energetically about your two weeks trip. All the things you require for a two-week trip will fit into the carry-on bag and a modest backpack. To save space in your backpack, you should wear dense and pack lesser to avail space for other necessary items.

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