How to turn a backpack into a sling bag (5 Steps Quick Guide)

How To Turn a Backpack Into a Sling Bag

A few decades ago, wearing a backpack on one shoulder was a much popular trend. But, as time passes trends also go on changing. Nowadays, sling bags are comparatively much trendy. This is the era of fashion and modernization, so people go for stylish looks because they want to be admired.

Wearing a sling bag diagonally on your one shoulder offers you a level of ease and a cooler look. Therefore, people are rushing towards sling bags instead of large and bulky backpacks hanging on both shoulders. Sling bags are preferred due to their best designs, size, colors, and shape.

If you people also want to get rid of your previous backpacks and use these stylish sling bags, you have two choices.

Either purchase a new Sling bag for you.


Turn your backpack into a Sling bag.

Well, I’ll prefer to choose the second option and you’re also recommended to choose the second one.

Why turn a backpack into a Sling bag?

You may be wondering about the reason, for choosing the idea of converting a backpack into a Sling bag. The answer is simple, that some people throw their old backpacks in order to move with the latest trend but others consider it useless.

According to them, the trend can disappear at any time, so why spend the money? Such people go for the shortcuts to follow the trend, without spending much money. 

You can turn your backpack into a perfect sling bag much easier, by following some steps. The only Skill required for this purpose Is, that you should have a good grip on stitching.

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Required Tools for conversion of the backpack into a sling bag

Some basic tools are necessary for Stitching, in order to turn a backpack into a Sling bag. Following is the list of tools, which you’ll come across while stitching.

  • A pair of sharp scissors, which must be durable and can cut the fabric of your straps.
  • A sewing kit to patch up the wholes, after cutting. 
  • Threads of different colors, especially the ones required for your backpack.
  • Two,1-inch swivel hooks or you can also use o-rings, triangle rings, d-rings, etc. it depends upon your choice.
  • Stickers to patch up on the cutaways, in the case if you’re not good in stitching or the thread color doesn’t match your backpack.

Step # 1- Measuring the straps 

The most important step to turn a backpack into a sling bag is, to take accurate measurements of straps. It’s much necessary for the right cutting of the straps.

Normally, the straps of a backpack are much longer to touch the ends in a diagonal position. But, if your backpack is not like that, then you need to leave a bigger portion of the second strap.

Step# 2- Figure out the strap to be cut

Before cutting the straps of your backpack, figure out the strap to be cut. Try wearing both the straps of the backpack one by one on your shoulder.

Make sure to try it both as an empty backpack and weighted backpack, for a better decision. Now, choose the one strap which you feel more comfortable and suit you the best.

Step# 3- cutting the strap

As soon as you decide on the strap to be used, go for cutting the other one with your sharp scissors. Make one thing very sure, that you have to cut the strap close to its attachment to the backpack.

Moreover, only cut it from the top end and shorten the bottom end. A high level of concentration is required, for cutting the strap accurately. 

Step# 4- Mend the holes 

Cutting of the straps mostly leaves holes behind your backpack. This gives a rough and bumpy look to your bag. To avoid such holes, you need to sew them using your sewing kit. If you’re not good enough in neat, tidy stitching, then you should use stickers despite stitching.

You should go for the stickers, even if your thread color doesn’t match the color of your backpack. 

Step#5- make adjustments to the second strap

Your second strap of the backpack also needs to be modified for better results. If your backpack is comprised of hook straps, then there is no need for any adjustments. You can simply apply the tricks to turn the straps in a diagonal position.

In the case of no hooks on the straps, you have to fix them yourself to the cut-out strap on the bottom end. You also need to install an o-ring on your backpack

Some other useful methods

In addition to the above-mentioned method, you can turn the backpack into a sling bag, using more techniques.

  • In the case, if your backpack consists of extra short straps or a complicated design, then you have to cut both the straps and rearrange them. The strap needs to be placed and stitched diagonally in the middle of the backpack. 
  • The best idea is to have a convertible sling bag backpack. This method doesn’t require any cutting of straps. Instead, you can use it both as a sling bag and backpack.


No doubt, sling bags are more admirable than backpacks due to their stylish appearance. Though, the only difference between them is the number of straps i.e sling bag has only one strap while the backpack is carried on both shoulders. On the other hand, a sling bag is more advantageous than a backpack.

So despite, throwing your backpack to follow the trend, you should follow the above-mentioned steps to turn your backpack into a sling bag.

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