How to wear a sling backpack Properly? (5 Step Simple Guide)

How to wear a sling backpack

A sling backpack is somewhat different from an ordinary backpack. These are the bags consisting of only a single strap to be worn, instead of the two shoulder straps. These are comparatively small and compact, consisting of various zippers and pockets.

You may say that a sling backpack is an advanced type of backpack. Yes, these bags sound to be much stylish and practical. You may wear them in different ways for the sake of fashion. 

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5 best ways to wear a sling backpack

There is a great variety of sling bags, present in the market nowadays. The style of wearing these bags varies according to their design and structure. Here are some ways, you can follow while wearing your sling bag.

1. Wear it Across the front

Wearing a sling bag on front

The sling bag can be slung on your chest. These bags are designed in a very stylish way. Therefore, most people love to wear them on the front as a fashion.

 Moreover, it’s the most secure way of wearing a sling bag. When you keep it on your front, it’s easy for you to keep an eye on it, especially when you’re in a crowded place.

This helps to secure your expensive belongings, which may be money, mobile phone, keys, credit card, passport, etc. Secondly, you can easily access your things while walking or running.

2. Wear it On your back

Wearing a sling bag on back

The most common way of wearing a sling bag is to sling it on your back. While it’s on your back, its position is diagonal. Try to adjust it perfectly on your back, to avoid discomfort.

This position benefits you when you’re on your bicycle or motorbike as it allows your hands to be free. Also, you can enjoy your journey and observe the sights of the city more perfectly.

Despite this, there is a drawback of wearing it on your back, that you could not take care of the things present in your sling backpack. In short, there are more chances of theft in this case. 

3. Wear your sling bag on your shoulder

Wearing a sling bakpack on shoulder

Wearing your sling bag on the shoulder is the most frequent and convenient way of wearing it. This way allows you to quickly wear it and drop it where ever you want, especially when you’re in some hurry. Moreover, it’s also comfortable to access your pieces of stuff.  

4. Adjust it around your waist

Wearing a sling bakpack on Waist

Wearing the sling backpack on your waist is the most primitive Way of Wearing it, but still used in the modern world. It’s in the form of a pouch, which can easily be carried, Where ever you want. It’s the perfect size for placing your wallet, keys, passport, credit card, etc.

5. Wear your sling bag loose or tight 

You may wear your sling bag loose or tight, of your choice. A loose sling backpack is more comfortable, as it allows easy access without any trouble. Also, it allows you free movement. A loose sling backpack is casual wearing.

Mainly, if you’re on a walk, or hanging out with your friends, then you should prefer such wearing. However, wearing the sling backpack closer is also beneficial.

Firstly, it’s best while you are on a run. No doubt, a fit, and compact backpack allow comfortable running. Secondly, you can wear it under your clothes, I.e jacket or coat, for safety purposes. 


Important Things to be considered while wearing a sling backpack

One thing you need to consider before wearing your sling bag is the type of dress you’re wearing. You may wonder that how your dress affects the wearing of a sling backpack?

It’s so when you try to put on your bag while wearing some heavy jacket or layers of clothes on your body, then it’s not going to sit well on your shoulder.

So keep your dress close to your body for the best fitting of your sling backpack. Make yourself look good with your backpack by choosing the best colors.

Pros of wearing the sling backpack

Sling backpacks are much advantageous. Following are some pros of wearing them

  • These are more convenient and comfortable to use.
  • These are designed in a very stylish way, so serve as a fashion.
  • A great variety of colors and sizes is available.
  • Easy to access the stuff, present in the bag.
  • Sling backpacks are light weighted.
  • Provides security to the items.

Cons of wearing the sling backpack

Despite, pros of sling bags it also has some cons, which are listed below.

  • If the weight of contents is not managed well, this causes strain on your back and shoulder.
  • These are much smaller to carry heavy items or loads.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What can you put in the sling backpack?

There are several items you can put in your sling backpack, depending upon its size. Usually, the list consists of,
Water bottle 
Money and credit card
ID card
Mobile phone
Headphone or hands-free 
Well, the list of sling bags is much shorter than other backpacks i.e trail running backpacks.

Is a sling backpack better for your body?

If you wear it in the right way then, definitely they are better for your back. As these are small and caries lower weight as compared to other backpacks, these will not cause any health issues.
But if your back is sensitive to weight, and you go for an overloaded sling backpack, it may cause

Is a sling bag good for hiking?

Yes, sling bags are good for hiking as these are light weighted and provide more flexibility. But, if you’re on hiking or trail run for a long time i.e, more than a day, then you need a large-sized regular backpack.
This is because you have to carry a long list of items in your backpack.


Sling backpacks are a great source of fashion and convenience. All you need to know is that how to wear your sling backpack perfectly. Once you came to know about the ways of carrying it, you can improve your posture and keep your things safe.

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